Endless Favours & Cancelled Plans: 8 Things That Happen To People Who Just Can’t Say No

Janvi ManchandaJanvi Manchanda  |  Mar 15, 2021
Endless Favours & Cancelled Plans: 8 Things That Happen To People Who Just Can’t Say No


No–this tiny two-letter word is an important part of our dictionary. And being able to say it can often be very liberating. We all have the right to say no, but sometimes just putting it into action is more difficult than it seems. 


Some of us just cannot bring ourselves to say no and that turns out to be a big problem. From taking up the extra workload to babysitting your colleague’s cat even though you’re allergic, you’ve done it all because you just couldn’t bring yourself to say the two-letter word. Not being able to say it can get you all worked up and frustrated. Here are a few things you’ll relate to if you say ‘yes’ by default in every situation!

1. Can You Do Me A Favour?

That’s not even a question! You can feel that surge of annoyance and you’re rolling your eyes in your head, even before someone can ask you this ‘coz you know the answer is going to be yes.

2. Overtime Is Your Normal

Working overtime has become your life. You always end up taking up the extra workload and work extra hours, simply because you’re incapable of saying no.

3. Nah, I Don’t Have Any Plans

All your plans go for a toss just because you cannot say no to that extra chore that your roomie/friend/sibling requested you to do! And that’s also why you always reach almost every event late.

4. Bargaining? What’s That?

You totally suck at bargaining. Even a five-year-old can do it better than you ‘cuz you just CANNOT say no. And when the shopkeeper says no, you just take it at face value because you want that cute top!

5. You ALWAYS Have Too Much On Your Plate

You end up saying yes to multiple people and that’s how you end up with too many things to do in very little time. And you hate being stuck in this situation but refusal is a herculean task.

6. You Practise In Front Of A Mirror

You stand in front of the mirror and practise saying no, but it just never works. Sometimes you also have a speech prepared but when it boils down to doing it, you just take the easy way out by saying YES!

7. Experiments? No Problem!

You always become the guinea pig for your friends’ fashion, beauty and makeup experiments. All because you lack the ability to refuse. And that’s not all, you can’t have just one drink or stick to your diet because that teeny weeny two-letter word is tough to use.  

8. Did I Just Say No?

You get the shock of your life if you ever manage to say no. While it does make you feel liberated, that feeling only lasts for a minute or two because then guilt washes over you. You start feeling bad and that’s probably why it doesn’t take too long for your no to turn into a yes.

While there’s nothing wrong with saying yes and being helpful, it’s equally important to learn to say no for your own sake! We say you should practice refusal and stick to it the next time someone asks you for a favour you cannot afford to do. And trust us, that does not make you a bad person!

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