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Cringe Max! We Just Watched ‘Burj Khalifa’ & Think Kiara Advani’s Stylist Did Her Dirty

Cringe Max! We Just Watched ‘Burj Khalifa’ & Think Kiara Advani’s Stylist Did Her Dirty

So we just watched Laxmmi Bomb’s newly released song ‘Burj Khalifa‘. And we don’t know about you but for us, there’s just so much cringe going on in the song, that it’s killing our very souls. Right from the hook step to Kiara Advani uncomfortably trying to dance in her high heels, you name it and it’s making us cringe. However, it absolutely has to be Kiara’s unflattering costumes in the song that are really getting on our nerves RN.

Besides the fact that they are distractingly ill-fitted, literally, none of the outfits worn by Kiara in the song have a personality. Everything is super cliched and perhaps something that we’d watch in a TV show if the lead was playing a wannabe actress. Yup, that bad.

And the best part here? No matter how mean we get with the description, you won’t feel like there’s even an iota of exaggeration which is all the more ironic given that the lyrics actually allude to her fashion in the opening para of the song. The line goes like “Fashion tu kardi jivein Kylie Jenner ni!” I mean that should have warned us about what was to come next but we decided to go all in. And now that we have done it, here’s why her costumes are making us shudder, like really:

‘Touch Me, Touch Me’ But Make It Budget


Considering that this outfit wasn’t picked up from a flea market abroad, our guess is that the designer prompt went something like: ‘Touch me, touch me’ but make it budget. Now, in case you happen to be a Kiara Advani fan then please be warned that we don’t know how to do this softly. Trigger warning done, here’s the deal: At max, this dress can be sanctioned for a stage performance on one of those low budget award shows. Nothing more. There we said it!


Bad Red!


There is something about this outfit that reminds us of the 90s, in a bad way, of course. What it is not reminding us of is good fashion! Also, do we even need to talk about the thigh-high, crinkle boots with pencil heels that Kiara has been made to wear in a dessert! We are telling you that the stylists definitely did her dirty. 


Plus, what even is this Sarojini standard finish?

Kill Us With Details!


If you thought thigh-high, pencil heeled boots were bizarre in a dessert shoot then wait till you see Kiara’s leather pants complete with contrasting stripe and all. The stylists got nothing on subtlety here and the peeking mesh and, of course, the gloves (?!?!?) more than vouch for it. If you look closely there is also some stringed tassel detailing going on at the back of the crop top. Clearly, the stylists did not think that the already busy leather pants were too much for a crop top that has a branded, color-block print, side cuts, and all those strings compacted together in one tiny separate! 


But wait there’s more! Here take a look at this pic:


What’s this you ask? This is proof that both Kiara’s stylists and makeup artists surely conspired against her for this song! I mean, seriously, what on Earth is that eyeshadow? Or should we ask, why????

Well, let’s learn from Kiara’s mistake and invest in nice eye makeup products here. Oh, and a blending brush too!

We are honestly so exhausted here. Kiara is a gorgeous actress with great personal style, it’s beyond us as to why did she agree upon these hideous looks in the song. 

Featured Image: Instagram

19 Oct 2020

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