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Budget Buys: Mascaras Under Rs 700 That Are Just As Good As Luxe Ones

Budget Buys: Mascaras Under Rs 700 That Are Just As Good As Luxe Ones

Finding the perfect mascara is like dating- we expect a lot from our one-and-only pick, and we never want to settle for less than what we need. That said, when it comes to our lashes, we’re firm believers of more-is-more. After all, the more coats, the thicker and longer the lashes look. However, the same philosophy doesn’t apply when it comes to spending. Believe us or not, you can find the best mascaras on the market for less than you think – Rs 650 and under to be exact.

So, the next time you want big lash energy without the big price tag, look no further than the 6 best mascara options ahead. If you are on a lookout for the one that holds a curl, offers a high colour payoff, resists flaking, and gives you the extra length – keep scrolling for inexpensive mascaras that will give your falsie-level drama.

6 Best Drugstore Mascaras For Volume, Thickness, Length, And More

When You Want Extra Flutter

NGL, but it’s pretty tough to find a natural mascara that’s also waterproof. This product has everything we love about mascaras – it will curl and lengthen your lashes and give it a nice, clump-free volume that stays put no matter what! Also, you’ll never see the dreaded mascara goop in the corner of the eye that Chandler Bing complained about.

For Voluminous Lashes

For most of us, mascara is our first introduction to the beauty universe and our go-to product, even on no makeup days. And, when it comes to drugstore classics from Lakme, you can’t go wrong. The bristle brush captured every single lash to create a fuller, feathery look while giving you lash a curl. Add this to your cart and we promise all eyes will be on you!

For Your Longest Lashes Ever

If you’re looking to plump up and thicken your lashes without breaking the bank, look no further than e.l.f cosmetic. The buildable formula creates serious volume and length, while its innovative precise brush helps to boost and lift the lashes. Each coat separates every lash from root to tip adding more intensity.

The Uber-Nourishing Formula

Hands down the best nourishing mascara we found for the price. The formula not only gives even the littlest of my lashes insane volume and thickness, but it also doubles as a lash serum as it’s blended with protein and acai oil that nourishes the lashes. This will legit give you your longest lash ever!

The Cult-Loved Formula

The buildable mascara from Maybelline gets top honours for its ability to trick others into thinking that you’re wearing false lashes. Yup, it’s that dramatic. If you love a full-blown glam look, this is the mascara to call on. It’ll give an insane fanned-out definition to your lashes by thickening and lengthening the lashes. It also won’t budge, smudge, or flake!

For Fuller, Feathery Lashes

Sure, this mascara might be a little splurgy as compared to the ones listed here, but trust us when we say it’s worth it. Consider it as the ultimate day to night mascara. It’s been a cult-favourite for all the good reasons. In addition to volumizing and defining the lashes, it provides a pretty impressive lengthening effect, too.

BRB, adding these to my cart ASAP.

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24 Aug 2021

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