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11 Bucket Bags For Every Budget That You Need To Add To Your Wardrobe

11 Bucket Bags For Every Budget That You Need To Add To Your Wardrobe

The bucket bag has a universally appealing shape and one that makes being on-trend super easy. It’s big enough for everything to fit in but not too big that it becomes difficult to carry. It’s structured enough to go with a formal outfit but not too structured, it’s fashionable but not too trendy to go out of style. It’s one silhouette that goes with outfits from high fashion brands as well as local retail outlets. Basically, we’re absolutely gaga over these bags and so are many of the brands. 

This season too, it’s difficult to not find some sort of a bucket bag when you enter a store. While the original cult favourite belongs to Mansur Gavriel, now so many more brands have ventured into the market. So if you’re saving money for the OG, we totally get it but if you’re looking for more budget-friendly alternatives, there are plenty of bucket bags in the market to choose from.


Brands That Make Bucket Bags For Women

Mansur Gavriel came into the limelight with the bucket bag and soon they were flooded in the market. Now luxury retailers like Louis Vitton, Gucci, Prada, Coach, Micheal Kors etc are all making bucket bags and even cheaper retailers like Zara, Shein, Mango, Steve Madden, Aldo and so many more are hopping on to the trend. Well, that’s perfect for us cause we don’t have to empty our wallets to stock up on fashionable items. 


Bucket Bags Below Rs. 1000

If you’re just trying the trend out then we suggest you go for some cheaper alternatives. We’ve picked out some quirky, statement pieces as well as staple bags to go with different ensembles. And the best part is that they’re completely budget-friendly. I mean less than Rs. 1000 for a bag, you’ve gotta be kidding right?


What a fun colour to pair for a day outfit with!? This combination of yellow and white stripes will bring sunshine into your life. Pair it with a white cotton dress and let this be the statement. You can even accessorise it with some delicate gold chains to maintain the dainty, feminine vibe. 

Florals always make everyone happy and when they’re on bucket handbags, it’s even better because you can match it with a contrasting print or even anything plain. This black bucket bag looks so chic and is perfect for a night out bag. You can choose a more formal outfit like culotte pants, a blouse and some contemporary earrings to go with this bag. If you keep the whole look pastel, you’re sure to dazzle everyone with your understated style.


It’s the regal colour of this bag that made us include it in the list. Emerald green with gold detailing makes for an eye-catching accessory. You can carry this for a date night when you’re going to fancy restaurant along with your bae. A beige or grey dress along with a string of pearls will make you look sophisticated and dressed for the occasion.

Doesn’t this look like every hippie’s essential carry on bag? It’s made with cotton so it’s practical and even draws up and closes so it’s safe to fit in your essentials while travelling. Pair it with some cotton or linen pants along with a basic cotton tee or an Indo-western kurta and this bag will go perfectly well. 


Bucket Bags Below Rs. 5000

If your budget is a little higher between Rs. 1000, then we’ve got a few suggestions for you too. They’re stylish plus are great quality so they will last you a long time too. It would also be environmentally friendly to buy bags made with better material so that they sustain longer.


This bucket bag from Mango looks classy and spacious enough to fit in not just the basics but even other knick-knacks that you may want to carry. The colour is one that goes with close to everything and can be carried for many different outings. A fun brunch with your ladies wearing a floral dress or a work dinner with a client wearing office-wear, this bag is ideal for both.

Vacays are for rope bags and hats and if anyone tells you otherwise, don’t listen to the haters. Pair this with a striped summer dress, a cool pair of tiny sunnies and a fun printed headband and you’ve got yourself a lewk. It’s fun and it’s big enough to stuff in your passport, wallet, phone and lipstick, what else do you need?


This is like the classic bucket bag it’s perfect if you’re looking for a bag to carry to office every day which isn’t as big as a tote. Pair it with a formal pair of palazzo pants, a white blouse, some minimal accessories like a gold or rose gold watch and some stacked bracelets. Again, it’s a colour that can go with a whole lot of ensembles so you won’t have to keep transferring your items from one bag to another.

This one is a complete statement bag that will make heads turn. It’s made with black and brown wooden beads that give it a completely different look. Pair it with a fun maxi dress or even a pastel jumpsuit to make it stand out. Make sure the ensemble doesn’t have too much going on on it and keep the bag as the focus.


Bucket Bags Above Rs. 5000

If you’re ready to spend money on a long-lasting item, then we’ve got some suggestions for you too. Luxury brands have many types of bucket bags for women and you could definitely go for that if bags are something you love splurging on.


The Michael Kors’ classic print and the shape of a bucket handbag, all make for this piece to become your new favourite. It actually goes with just about everything and is ideal for a day to night look. Carry it to the office and stuff all your essentials in it and you can even take it to dinner. 

A black bag is a must-have for everyone. This bucket one by Moschino is a great mixture of classic and quirky. You can carry it with a yellow or pink dress or some flared denims with a fitted top or even with a structured, box dress. The leather is long-lasting and it’ll be one of those bags you’ll find yourself reaching out to often.


Kate Spade bags make everyone go bonkers and we’re no different. This red patterned one is fun, yet classy and we’re all for it. Some ripped denims, a brown leather jacket and a grey basic tee along with this bag will make it an effortless glam outfit. You can even go with a more matchy-matchy look with a red, satin overcoat, black tights and a beige blouse. Ooh, that’s a fiery style right there.

So now that you have something for all budgets and all bucket styles, we’re pretty sure your fashion quotient has gone up. Yes, thank us later!


Image Credits: Unsplash

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25 Jul 2019
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