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We Just Watched The Gossip Girl Reboot Trailer & It’s Making Us Want The OG Cast Back!

We Just Watched The Gossip Girl Reboot Trailer & It’s Making Us Want The OG Cast Back!

We’d give big bucks to understand what the makers of iconic Hollywood shows have been thinking lately. We’d assume it would be something along the lines of—let’s take the viewers on a nostalgia trip. I mean, how else does one explain all the reunions and reboots happening this year? Not that we’re complaining of course!

When the Gossip Girl reboot was announced a while ago, we couldn’t contain our excitement of watching the upper east siders return to their natural habitat. However, our dream was short-lived when the makers revealed their decision of opting for a completely different cast. Um, TBH, that did dampen our spirits but nonetheless, we were looking forward to the show. 

Now, after the trailer’s out, we can’t help but cringe. Was it just me or did you feel completely weird looking at the all-new GG? Honestly, it’s making me want to start an online petition to bring back the OG cast. Here’s why:

The Best Trendsetters Of All Times


Let’s be real, there’s no way the new star cast holds a candle to the style and personality of the ‘original’ ones. The way these gorgeous stars carried their outfits and managed to create statements of their own was remarkable. We’re talking about how Jenny worked her goth looks or how Serena rocked those boho-chic ensembles. Heck, queen B even managed to make something as simple as hairbands so chic and stylish!

Chuck & Blair, Blair & Chuck


Chuck flying to Paris just to get Blair’s favourite macarons really set the bar high for my future SO. Sure, the two took a few seasons to realise that they are meant to be but once they did—they were stronger than ever. I mean is there any love story greater than theirs? Their sizzling chemistry and visible emotional connection had us rooting for their union till the very end. If only the producers would bring them back and tell us how life post marriage is for this power couple!

Two Words: Nate Archibald


Now Gossip Girl had its fair share of hot men, but Chace Crawford remains my absolute fav. He most definitely was a treat to look at. But, apart from the great looks and undeniable charm, he was pretty convincing in his role as Nate Archibald. Sigh, someone please get him back already!


Lonely Boy & Serena


Okay, even though I would’ve preferred for Serena to end up with Nate, I cannot deny the chemistry Penn Badgley and Blake Lively shared.  Even though Lonely Boy and S jumped from people to people during their time apart, they always ended up together. Both of them desired true love right from the start so it was perf to watch them get married in the end. I would kill to watch these two turn up the heat on our silver screens once more!

Serena & Blair’s Friendship


Okay, Serena and Blair had their fair shares of ups and downs but they pretty much stuck together when it came to the major stuff. No catfights were able to stop S and B from coming back to each other every time. And of course, we loved watching them party, shop and travel the world together. #SisterGoals much?


The Lovable Dorota


Dorata played an important role in Blair’s life and it was fun to watch their camaraderie. She was B’s trustworthy and super protective Polish help, and the two were like family. What would B have ever have done without the loyal Dorota by her side?

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again—there are no better contenders for any GG reboots other than the original ones. Now can we all please pray for them to return to our screens ASAP? All this talk about the series is making me want to binge watch it again for the millionth time. Looks like that’s what am gonna be doing tonight!

Until then, xoxo.

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02 Jun 2021

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