Bring Back Romance: 10 Things from the Past We Wish We Still Had!

Lamya BhatriLamya Bhatri  |  May 6, 2016


We live in the digital age, when we connect with most of our friends only on Facebook, and have apps to track pretty much every aspect of our lives. Now, we won’t contest the advantages of technology; but the die-hard romantic buried deep within us craves a return to the old days, when the magic of romance didn’t depend on a boy we were crushing on accepting a friend request! As much as we worship Steve Jobs (RIP, our world won’t be the same without you), we’re hoping to put down our iPhones and iPads and rekindle the charm of a good old-fashioned romance – black-and-white movie style! Here’s a list of things we’d revive in a heartbeat…

1. Talking on the Telephone

Platinum Telegram of Love

Not mobiles! Old-school phones, where you picked up a receiver that weighed a ton, dialled a number, waited for someone to answer! No voice mail, no “network busy”, no “out of coverage area”. And if you really liked someone, you’d know his number by heart!

2. Sitting under a Tree, Playing “He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not”

Platinum Telegram of Love

And if the result was “loves me not”, we’d start all over again, destroying what was left of the piddly little garden in our building compound!

3. Long Letters, Stained with Tears, Scented with Dried Rose Petals

Platinum Telegram of Love

Buying letter writing pads, and scented ones at that!  The handwriting progressively getting more and more illegible after the first page, but it didn’t matter, the love came through anyway. The rusty, red post boxes that you’d slide the letter into with one last kiss and with your fingers crossed that it would eventually make it to its destination.

4. Arranging Dates and Actually Having to Be on Time

Platinum Telegram of Love

Not being on time was a non-option. There was no way of notifying your friend that you were “stuck in traffic”. The poor chap would be waiting outside the theatre with two tickets and popcorn in one hand, and two cones of melting ice cream in the other.

5. Telegrams

Platinum Telegram of Love

Short and precise. STOP. “I Love you” was a strong enough message to send. STOP. Oh telegrams, please come back! STOP.

Though the world said goodbye to the telegram in July ’13, you can send a virtual telegram to your partner’s timeline on Facebook, the closest thing to a revival! Bring alive the romance in your life with the Platinum Telegram of Love App and stand a chance to win Orra Platinum Couple bands  with your message of love in Morse Code etched on them for life, and some other pretty awesome prizes. How cool is that?! 

6. Stealing Glances at Each Other during Class

Platinum Telegram of Love

Merely looking at a boy you liked would be considered forward in the good ol’ days. He’d look at you with brooding intensity, you’d flutter your eyelashes and look away. Ah, true romance! No wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am, please!

7. Your Birthday Would Be a Very Special Day

Platinum Telegram of Love

He’d have a florist deliver a bouquet of roses at midnight. His gifts were always thoughtful: a small gold pendant with your names engraved on it. He’d book a table at your favourite restaurant and then you’d ride into the sunset on his pale blue Vespa with your floral sari pallu flying in the breeze, Yash Raj style.

8. Hallmark Cards

Platinum Telegram of Love

You’d browse through dozens of cards with some overly sentimental and some terribly silly poems. And then you’d go on to fill every blank square inch with more sentimental thoughts and red-lipstick-kisses. They’d be cards for birthdays, anniversaries, to say sorry or to say thank you, or just-for-the-heck-of-it cards, which were the most special of them all.

9. Rebellion

Platinum Telegram of Love

To be in love, you’d be joining hands to rebel against your traditionalist parents and not-so-progressive society. You’d be up in arms to fight for your love. In today’s day and age, rebellion has pretty much come down to whether or not you choose to show butt cleavage. Uff, really?

10. Chivalry

Platinum Telegram of Love

By holding the door open, footing the bill on a date, he wasn’t being sexist. No need for vehement discussions on gender equality – because he respected her, whether she had a high-flying job or not. Dear men reading this, please send us flowers, treat us like royalty, make us feel like a woman. We really, really miss it.

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