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7 Thoughts A Bride Has When Her Shaadi Pics Aren’t As Expected!

7 Thoughts A Bride Has When Her Shaadi Pics Aren’t As Expected!

Your wedding is one day that has to be just PERFECT – sans all the glitches, malfunctions, ill-coordination or whatever else that can go wrong. And once the day has passed, what lives on, are the memories. Photographs, of course, play a very important part in re-living this perfect and happy occasion. But what happens when photographs don’t turn out as dreamy as you thought they would. Well, that’s probably one of the biggest fears that a bride faces. Apart from all hell breaking lose in her life, here are the not-so-pleasant thoughts of a bride whose wedding photos didn’t turn out as dreamy as she’d expected…

1. Did I really look like that? After all that makeup, the ridiculously expensive lehenga and jewellery?!

WHAT will it take for me to look like a goddess? *Sniff*

perfect wedding photos 1

2. My photographer – that jerk!

Firstly, that photographer charged me a bomb! His pictures of other weddings were impeccable. I bet he didn’t give this his best shot. Quite literally.


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3. Can I post the album on Facebook anyway? Maybe people will like the photos still.

Ugh, the gazillion aunties and uncles and friends who have been pestering me with “Photographer jaisi hi photos bhejega, Facebook par post kar dena, theek hai?”!

4. My guests might be happy with how their pictures turned out :-/

Because, at the end of the day, everyone will only check themselves out – zooming, scrutinizing, et al – in all the pictures on social media, or that friend’s polki necklace that looked “gorgeous” (read: outrageously expensive).

perfect wedding photos 4


5. Does this mean all those people gushing over how I looked like the “prettiest bride EVER” were fibbing?!

LIARS! Or they were just being nice, perhaps.

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6. This was the ONE time I needed spectacular shots – JUST THIS ONE TIME, GOD!

And I’ve never been the kind who takes 50 selfies, chooses the best one and puts it as my DP.  (Okay, I might have done that just a few times).

7. Shall I ask my friends if they got good clicks on their phones?

Because that’s my only hope now. *SIGH*


perfect wedding photos 7

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25 Jul 2016

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