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This Bride Gave A Fun Twist To Her Bridal Mehendi Instead Of Hiding Her Groom’s Name & We’re Loving It!

This Bride Gave A Fun Twist To Her Bridal Mehendi Instead Of Hiding Her Groom’s Name & We’re Loving It!

When we think of Indian weddings, the first thing that probably comes to mind is the rich traditions and rituals. From the saat vachan to the mangal pheres, Indian marriages are full of customs and practices. However, once in a while, a new-age bride comes along and reminds us that weddings are also about expressing yourself and having fun. And NGL, this bride, Anjali Tapadiya, did just that!


While it is tradition to conceal your husband’s name in your mehendi, Anjali decided to give that custom a fun twist. She paid tribute to her love for art instead, and incorporated popular artworks into her mehendi! From The Creation of Adam by Michelangelo to The Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh, the bride had all the famous paintings of the world henna-ed onto her hands. How totally cool is that? 

Recently, Anjali took to the ‘Gram to upload this video that soon went viral. She captioned the post, “Weddings can be anxiety-inducing. Especially if things aren’t in your control and are being orchestrated by the families. This is part of the many little things I did to calm myself down and add a touch of Anjali to each ceremony.”


Netzians flooded the comment section to applaud the bride for her creativity. They were also impressed with the groom who managed to identify all the paintings. “Love is strong with this one. :’)”, Anjali said, referring to her husband-to-be. NGL, we totally agree with her!

And when it comes to this refreshing twist on this age-old custom, we, like Anjali, believe that weddings are extensions of our personalities. While marriage ceremonies may never be completely devoid of customs and rituals, we can always add a twist to make it our own. So now, all we have to say to Anajli is–You go girl! We’re glad you’re doing what makes you happy.

Featured Image: Instagram

07 Jul 2022

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