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This Bride’s Mehendi Make-Up Is Totally LIT & We Have All The Deets!

This Bride’s Mehendi Make-Up Is Totally LIT & We Have All The Deets!

Floral jewellery, bright coloured outfit and sunglasses – this is the newest and prettiest bridal mehendi look that almost every bride is opting for these days. But we’re not complaining because it makes each bride look just as stunning! Every bride is pretty in her own way, but this gorgeous one, Mehak Thakral, did not just look pretty at her mehendi function, but also gave us some legit #beauty goals too. We did a quick five with her make-up artist, Leena Bhushan who disclosed the secrets behind her gorgeous look…. Let’s get started.

We are crazy about Mehak’s lipcolour… What shade is it?

*Laughs* “I had no idea what lip colour I would use for Mehak, because her outfit was so vibrant and rich. But as soon as she put her floral jewellery on, I knew I had to use the  Anastasia Beverly Hills lipstick in the shade ‘Lovely’ and that was it! What you saw was the gorgeous result.”

What is the one make-up trend you swear by for the 2017 bride?

“I will have to say that many brides these days are opting for deeper shades for their lips. The colours of the outfits are more subtle and light (pastels), but most brides come in asking for really dark, wine and burgundy coloured lips. So I think that’s going to be an ‘in’ trend this wedding season.”

Apart from the lipstick, what all products did you use to give Mehak that flawless look

“I used Inglot Cream Blush No. 97, shades Roxy, Adorn and Fudge from the Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture Palette and the lipstick. That pretty much did it for her!”


That one ‘magic’ beauty product you CANNOT do without…

“It has to be, without an ounce of doubt, the MAC Strobe Cream. People tell me that my brides have a different glow on their face. Well, the secret is that apply the strobe cream on their faces, leave it on for 10 minutes and then start with the base – foundation, compact and everything that follows.”

P.S. Readers: That’s an amazing tip!

Any expert beauty tips for all brides-to-be…

“Just drink lot’s of water, eat healthy and avoid junk food, and sleep well. Would-be brides always come and ask me about appropriate facials and beauty treatments they should go for. I always tell them to take good care of their health and skin, and avoid chemical treatments as much as they can. It sounds cliche, but trust me, it helps!”

Well, we do trust her and these were some amazing tips that are useful not just for the bride, but for shaadi guests and women in general.


And now that we are done with decoding her make-up look, let’s move on to her oh-so-stunning floral jewellery, which the bride got from PRUNE. We got a few minutes with Leesha Arora, the owner of Prune and she had some really cool and quirky things to say about it. Check it out!

What do you think about the floral jewellery trend that is catching on with brides these days?

“The gota and floral jewellery trend has picked up recently in the past 2 years in India, but it’s been a culture in Pakistan for years to adorn brides with fresh flowers during mehndi functions. As Indian weddings are lavish affairs and brides want to stand out among the crowd, this trend slowly caught up with most of them. Can’t complain, it looks gorgeous!”

We are sure many brides come to you looking for exquisite pieces, what do you advise them to pick? What is your favourite floral jewellery piece?

“I prefer that the brides come to our store in Shahpur Jat, and then I show them the array of designs we have. We make them try pieces to see what size or design suits their face the best. I always advise them to take jewellery that contrasts in colour with their outfits, so that it stands out. My favourite piece is our floral gota jhumkis and maangtikka set and our signature floral gota kaliras which are all handcrafted with love.”

Anything special advice you would like to give to our brides-to-be? Any tips for adorning the right kind of floral jewellery?

“I would say go overboard with it! *Laughs* This is the hottest ongoing bridal trend right now and I would advise every bride to go for it, as they deserve nothing short of a princess-like treatment during their special days. Brides-to-be, you’ll cherish the investment made on them when you’ll look at the pictures 5 or 10 years down the line, so it’s totally worth it!”


Hope you got the hint, all our lovely brides-to-be!

14 Nov 2017

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