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11 Genius Makeup Tips For Brides With Oily Skin!

11 Genius Makeup Tips For Brides With Oily Skin!

Ensuring that makeup lasts long can be a nightmare if you have oily skin. As the wedding bells ring, you have so much to plan and execute that worrying about whether your makeup will last long or not should be the least of your concerns. 

DIY Bridal Makeup Tips For Oily Skin

We’ve done the worrying for you and here are some bridal makeup tips you wish you knew all along. You’re going to make a GORGEOUS bride, we’re sure!

Ice your face

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Splashing cold water onto your face or even better, rubbing an ice cube works wonders to tighten pores and gives your skin a flushed look. The sudden drop in temperature instantly reduces sebum production, giving you a shine-free look that lasts longer. A bonus is that you will need lesser product to cover up your pores.


Tone your way to pore-less skin

Toners remove any residue of makeup or dirt and help tighten the pores. Tighter the pores, lesser the shine. Rely on a tried and tested toner to avoid any breakouts on your wedding day! Try The Body Shop Tea Tree Toner, which is gentle, alcohol-free and works wonders in curing blemishes and zits!

Never ever skip the primer

This is a makeup thumb rule, whether it’s your wedding or your best friend’s big day. People with oily skin should rely on a primer to keep the makeup in place. You can literally tell the difference in the staying power of makeup when you use a primer and when you don’t. So, don’t be lazy, it is your big day after all. You have primers catering to every need, so pick from the NYX Pore Filler Primer if you have large pores; the NYX Shine Killer Primer if shine is your issue; or L’oreal Paris base magique transforming smoothing primer if you just want to buff out your skin for a flawless application of foundation.

Wait for your skincare products to absorb into your skin

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Don’t be in a rush to apply your makeup right after your skin care routine. Wait till all the goodness from your skin care has fully absorbed into your skin. If you rush it, you run the risk of smeared and smudged makeup which isn’t going to last very long. Since you’re not going to have time for any touch-ups amidst your celebrations, patience is your friend!!


Makeup crafted for your needs

Be smart when picking your makeup. Opt for oil free and long lasting versions of the foundations, concealers and compacts. Brands these days have so many options to cater to the issues faced by people who have oily skin, whether it is large pores, excess shine, oiliness, smudging etc. Pick your base makeup based on the finish you desire. To hide large pores try the Maybelline New York Fit Me Matte + Poreless Foundation; or opt for L’Oreal Paris True Match Minerals if you have acne prone or sensitive skin. Do your research and test out as many products as you need before you settle for the one!

Setting spray is a must

Just the way your hair requires a setting product to hold the style in place, so does your makeup, especially if you have oily skin. A setting spray is a water-based mist that dries instantly and well, sets your makeup. It keeps the makeup in place the way your finishing spray keeps your curls in place!

As are blotting papers

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The lights and flashes from all those cameras can make your makeup runny. No one wants that to show in their wedding pictures! Blotting papers are your best go-to options for fixing shine without ruining your makeup. They instantly soak up the excess oil and your skin looks fresh in a matter of seconds. What’s better is that you don’t need to touch up your makeup after using these. Have your bridesmaid(s) carry a stack of these so that no matter what, your face beams with joy and doesn’t shine because of oil!


Bake Your Face

No, we don’t mean stick your head into an oven! Dust some setting powder onto your concealer and foundation to make sure the product doesn’t move. This hack has been acclaimed as one of the most effective ways to ensure that makeup lasts longer and doesn’t streak or smudge no matter what! Watch a couple of tutorials (there are plenty on YouTube) if you’re unsure of exactly how to do it.

Give Liquid Lipsticks A Try

Liquid lipsticks, especially mattes are all the rage these days, thanks to Kylie Jenner. Hop on the bandwagon as these babies aren’t just in vogue but are excellent in terms of staying power, which makes them a perfect accessory for your D-Day celebrations. Prep your lips by exfoliating them, use a light facial oil on your lips to moisturise them before you apply the liquid lipstick. If your lips are very pigmented, use a concealer before you apply your lipstick. It allows the lipstick to last longer, makes it transfer proof and allows the real colour of the lipstick to show regardless of your lip colour. We love the NYX Suede Lip Creams; and the Revlon Ultra Matte HD Lipsticks.

The blushing bride

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If heat ruins your makeup, blush will be the first to go. Opt for powder blushes or cream-to-powder finish ones to absorb oils, they give better colour pay off and last longer. Cream blushes will disappear before you even realise it, so, skip those for now and bring them out during your honeymoon for a naturally flushed look!


Have Your Emergency Beauty Kit Handy

You have planned everything for your wedding to perfection and this is no different. Your makeup may be spot on but it always helps to have your beauty arsenal ready in case of a makeup emergency. Keep blotting papers, an illuminating concealer, a refreshing mist formulated for oily skin, an eyeliner, a liquid lipstick and some cotton buds in your beauty emergency kit and hand it over to your best friend or your mom. This way you’ll be rest assured that come the moment to fix your makeup, you’re well prepared!

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24 Nov 2016

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