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7 Hairstyles That Are *Perfect* To Show Off Your Maang Tikka!

7 Hairstyles That Are *Perfect* To Show Off Your Maang Tikka!

Our #POPxoBrides are really the first girls we look to when it comes to inspiration for anything bridal. They are so stylish and some of them are truly trend-setting! So when it comes to bridal hairstyles which will help us flaunt maang tikkas, we turn to our brides who show them off so beautifully. Take note, ladies!

1. The Classic Jooda


This is classic for a reason! It brings the focus to the maang tikka and nothing else. Pull your hair back without any parting into a tight, high bun at the back. This also provides an anchor for your odhni. It’s simple, no fuss and it’ll let your pretty jewellery shine through!

Image: Bhumi and Simran Photography

2. Let Those Tresses Free!


This is ideal for those pre-wedding functions like Mehendi or sangeet when you don’t have to fuss with an Odhni. And it’s so simple that you can even do it on your own! Just part your hair in the middle and fix the maang tikka in your parting. You can either iron out your hair or play with natural curls. Just brush the ends with a little serum so that they maintain the shape throughout the function. Image: Smriti Talwar Rohra

3. Vintage Is The Way To Go


If you’re someone who loves looking at sepia-tinted and vintage photography, you’ll love designer Kresha Bajaj’s hairstyle with maang tikka. For her wedding day, she parted her hair in the middle to show off the maang tikka and then braided the front sections, merging them with a low bun at the back. So old school!

Image: The House of Pixels

4. Bump Up That Bouffant


We love fashion blogger Kamana Sharma’s wedding day look! She back-combed her hair around a central part and tied it into a high bun at the back. The maang tikka nestles into the hair at the front and looks oh-so-pretty!

Image: Kamana Sharma

5. Braid Your Way To Glory


This is one of the most elaborate bridal braids we’ve seen and we salute fashion blogger Mitali Sagar for carrying it off so beautifully. Just see how precise the braiding is – there’s a side part and the front section is rolled onto itself and taken back. You can see from the profile how intricate the construction of this loose, messy braid is. The gorgeous maang tikka functions almost like a bindi since you can’t see it’s a chain. This casual style is just perfect for your Mehendi function!

Image: Mitali Sagar

6. Go Big Or Go Home


Who says you can’t wear a bouffant on your wedding day, that too with a maang tikka? This beautiful bride shows that thinking out of the box really pays off.

Image: Confetti Films

7. Show Off All Your Jewellery


A paasa and a maang tikka both! We love the simple, slightly off-center side-parted jooda Tanya wore for her wedding. What’s interesting is that she wore her maang tikka in the parting rather than in the center of her forehead.

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06 Jul 2016

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