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7 Bras Every Woman Should Have In Her Closet For Different Occasions

7 Bras Every Woman Should Have In Her Closet For Different Occasions

There are a million memes on the internet that talk about women taking off their bra and feeling on top of the world. This liberation is the best feeling after a day of straps digging into your shoulders and underwire poking you continually. We’ve all been there, but there is a simple reason it happens: the bra is not right for your body or the activity. Or, you have not paired it with the right outfit!

There’s a bra for every occasion and you need to pick the right one to get the most comfortable fit. The new collection from Triumph has plenty of options, styles, colours, and sizes, so take your pick and you’d never think of them as your enemy.

1. Strappy-go lucky

1 bras for different occasion

You can go from casual-wear to party-ready with this in your closet. This pretty-in-pink bra has strappy cage back straps that pair perfectly with sexy halter necks and backless tops. It also comes with regular straps that can be worn as a t-shirt bra under your favourite party dress. Plus, the smooth cups give a fine finish for all your outfits. This is one bra you don’t want to hide—an absolute win-win!

Price: Rs. 1,799. Buy it here.

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2. For them dressy days

2 Bra for every occasion

There are times when you want to channel your inner diva and trust us when we say this, nothing will make you feel sexier than owning a pretty (read: hot) bra. This lacy one is for romantic nights with your partner when you want to feel like a goddess. The bandeau style bra can be worn to a party under a low cut or strapless top as it gives you full coverage. Go, slay the night with this great number!

Price: Rs. 1,599. Buy it here.

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3. Zip it up!

3 bras for different occasion

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Ladies, if you love high-intensity workouts, then this bra will be your best friend! The thin pads in this sports bra will keep you comfy, while the wide shoulder straps will ensure complete protection. Designed with a front zip, this bra is easy to wear and has a mesh racerback to give you full support even during vigorous exercise sessions.

Price: Rs. 1,899. Buy it here.

4. All day, every day!

4 bras for different occasion

When it comes to everyday wear, it’s important to have something in your closet that’s comfortable and effortless. So, we bring you this one that’s going to be super comfy under casual tees as it’s absolutely seamless. The breathable cotton and cups make it perfect for daily use. Besides, it comes in pretty shades, so you can keep them in stock and rotate depending on your mood.

Price: Rs. 1,199. Buy it here.

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5. Comfort at its best

5 bras for different occasion

If you’re looking for something fancy yet comfortable, then this bra will help you ace the fashion game. You can style this with a gown or tunic and even wear it as a bustier under cotton tops for a casual-chic look. As opposed to other padded bras, this bra has cups made from breathable ‘Spacer’ material that’s much thinner and lighter! We recommend this to all women with a larger bust who want a padded bra but still want a minimalistic look.

Price: Rs. 1,899. Buy it here.

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6. If you are on the heavier side…

6 Bra for every occasion

Girls with a bigger bust usually complain of not having enough options when it comes to picking a bra. Fret no more ladies, as this collection will not only give you a great looking bra but also full coverage and support for larger cup sizes. Since it’s a minimiser style, this number will visibly reduce the bust by one size.

Price: Rs. 1,799. Buy it here.

7. Push it! Push it!

7 bras for every occasion

A push-up bra perks up your cleavage. You can wear it under a tank top on a casual day out or under a dress to an evening date. It’s going to look fabulous, regardless! Also, this closet essential is made with flexible ‘Magic Wire’ that makes it super comfortable to wear. Go, ladies, take that plunge.

Price: Rs. 1,709. Buy it here.

*This is a sponsored post for Triumph.


22 Feb 2018

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