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Braided Highlights: The Low-Maintenance Y2K Hair Trend Popping Up On Our Timelines

Braided Highlights: The Low-Maintenance Y2K Hair Trend Popping Up On Our Timelines

Y2K fever has taken over our feeds like no other trend, and we’re officially on board. Be it a Y2K hairstyle or makeup, the IT girls across the world have embraced the nineties with open arms. Recently, the braided tendrils hairstyle has been doing rounds on Instagram pages of Dua Lipa, Kiara Advani, and Hailey Bieber. We are dubbing it as Braided highlights. Hot girl summer is here, and braided highlights are the hottest hair trend you need to try. Just like a fresh set of highlights instantly adds tone and depth to your hair, braided highlights are perf to inject a bit of ~pizzazz~ into your lengths sans the hair colour.

So if you fancy elevating your strands without a trip to the hair salon, braided highlights might just be the answer. They’re seriously cute, they’re fun, and they’re versatile, so scroll through and get ready to screenshot.

What Are Braided Highlights?

The hairstyle essentially involves middle-parting your hair with braided sections on either side of the polarising split. It’s an easy elevation to your mundane mane part. All you need to do is create really tiny braids, one at the front section of your hair and several more really fine braids on each side of the head and at the back. To add an even cuter element, you can use pink hair elastics. 

Prepare To See These Uber-Cool Braided Highlights All Over Instagram

To Earn Likes Left And Right

A runway hairstyle in its own right, this iteration of the braided tendrils was created by hairstylist Amit Thakur. Keeping soft waves through the rest of the locks helps give it a more messy but not messy bohemian finish. Plus, the double tendrils spaced apart along both the sides add a more fun and youth element which compliments Kiara Advani’s red/yellow/orange halter and deep orangey-red eyeshadow perfectly. All in all –  this hairstyle screams hot girl summer. 

A Vacay-Worthy Hairdo

Crowned the reigning queen of Y2K fashion and beauty in pop culture, Dua Lipa has a knack for showcasing the nineties through her style. In her version of this hairstyle, the braided tendrils are more polished and thinner as compared to its original form. For folks who want to experiment without going over the top, you can try thinner braids for your weekend sojourn. For the rest of the hair, you can either add soft waves or go for a natural texture like the singer.

For Major Cool-Girl Vibes

Hailey is a nineties baby through and through. So when Y2K fever calls, she always remembers to answer and blesses our feeds with some major hair moments like this style she wore for a concert. The effortlessness of this braided tendrils reiterates its versatility. From casual to public events, this style is sure to make a statement yet exude a relaxed vibe. Take a cue from Bieber and only braid half of your hair section, while leaving the rest loose under your knot, this will frame your face better.

Perf For Trendsetters

Addison has served some of the best hairdos over the past few months, and we think this is one of them. Seriously thin plaits and unlaid edges prove to be a match made in hair heaven.

These are about to be major!

Featured Image: Instagram

02 Jun 2022

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