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10 Bra Rules NO Girl Should Ever Break!

10 Bra Rules NO Girl Should Ever Break!

Yes, bras aren’t exactly the most comfortable item of clothing but there’s no doubt that a well-fitting bra can seriously notch up your outfit like no other. Hate them or love them, we really can’t do without them, right, ladies? So here are some bra rules you should never ever break ‘coz they deserve some extra attention, thanks to all the support they give.

1. Hand wash ONLY

1 bra rules


Whether it’s a fancy lace bra or a bra you wear every other day, it must not go in the washing machine! These delicate babies need extra care and attention. Always wash your bras with gentle detergent in lukewarm water to make their shelf life longer and to help maintain their shape.  

2. Don’t compromise on quality

Quality always comes first. A bra may look all kinds of beautiful but looks are deceptive, friends! Make sure you buy bras from known brands that can be trusted with quality. A good quality bra is less likely to snap randomly while you’re dancing with your friends! Plus, your boobs need proper support so don’t waste your moolah on bras of poor quality.


3. Always buy your size

3 bra rules

It’s very tempting to buy a bra a size bigger or smaller just because it’s so beautiful and you can’t seem to find your size! Giving in to this temptation is the biggest mistake you could be making. As a rule, you should get measured every 6 months – yes, your bra size could change without you even knowing it. Always, always buy a bra in your size, whether you have to wear it every day or just on those special days!


4. Don’t wear a white bra under white clothes

Wearing very bright bras underneath light and flimsy clothes will make your bra shine and visible to the rest of the world. Don’t make the mistake of wearing white bras under white clothes. For all the white clothes in your wardrobe invest in nude lingerie that doesn’t show through awkwardly through your clothes.  

5. Don’t go for extra thin straps!

5 bra rules


Especially transparent plastic straps! Don’t ever invest in bras with straps so thin that they can’t take the weight of your boobs. Thin straps are more likely to dig into your shoulder and leave painful dents. Though it’s fine to invest in one or two bras with very thin straps to go with all those sexy tops, make sure all your bras don’t fall in this category!

6. Wear natural fabrics

The lacy satin bra you bought last month surely makes you feel beautiful, but wearing it every day may not be the best idea ever. Certain fabrics like satin unlike natural ones keep your breasts from breathing. Natural fabrics like cotton are healthier to be worn on a regular basis as they let your boobs breathe.


7. Store them babies with care!

7 bra rules

Don’t dump your bras together in a drawer. If you want these delicate babies to last longer, you’ve got to store them properly. Store your bras in proper drawers or storage boxes specially made for this purpose. Storing your bras properly in drawers in a way where the cups don’t get crushed will also prevent their pads from breaking. Also, clasp the hooks together before arranging them in your drawer as the hooks can get tangled and cause rips when you pull them out.


8. Regular washes

It’s always better to wash your bra after wearing it, however, if you’ve worn it for just a short time and don’t want to put it for a wash, you have to let it breathe before putting it back in the drawer. It’s a good habit to let your bra get some fresh air after you remove it since the sweat needs to dry out. If you put your bra back in the drawer as soon as you remove it, it’ll start smelling and won’t feel clean when you wear it again.

9. Never wear a bra to sleep!

9 bra rules


A bra may provide all the support your breasts need, but it’s a good idea to take off your bra before you hit the bed at night. Wearing a bra to sleep can interfere with blood circulation as well as make you feel uncomfortable. Let your boobs breathe, ladies!

10. Buy a fresh piece – always

Buying the exact same piece that you tried on in the shop, can prove to be a bad decision. Always ask for a fresh piece in your size after trial. You don’t know how many people have tried the same bra before you and how they handled it. If you’re spending a handsome amount of money you might as well get a fresh new bra that fits like second skin!


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30 Jan 2017
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