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10 Bra Rules For Every Girl!

10 Bra Rules For Every Girl!

There are lots of dos and don’ts that surround the subject of bras. From the selection, to care instructions to how to wear them – there are a lot of different things to keep in mind. Some will say something, and the others will say something else…which can get pretty confusing. That’s why we make things simple for you. Here are some universal bra rules that you must always follow!

1. Take assistance while shopping!

1 bra rules


Get yourself measured properly with some help from the store staff so that you don’t buy something that you assume is right for you. Most women wear the wrong size bra because they don’t get the right measurements done. Ask someone to have a look at you while you’ve got a new bra on to see that it sits well.

2. Bras are essential, but you can take a break from wearing them!

A recent study has suggested that going braless might be more beneficial for the growth of your breasts and their vitality, contrary to other beliefs. Knocking off your bra at night while sleeping or when you are at home is a good idea!


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3. They are not always the most comfortable clothing item!

3 bra rules


Their basic job is to provide support, and until they are tightly clasped to your body, that purpose won’t be met. So if you are looking for comfort, that might not happen easily – unless you opt for a non-wired, non-padded bra to wear daily. You have to strike the right balance between what looks great and what feels great. 🙂

4. While bra shopping, spend some extra time and don’t rush through it!

You must try every bra that you’re planning to buy and try different movements while you are wearing them. Move your hand, bend and twist your body to find the perfect fit. If you lift your hand and the bra shifts, that means you might be trying the wrong bra. This is necessary to get the best fit.


5. Bra sizes do change often!

5 bra rules

Even if you are not losing or putting on weight, make sure you get your bra size checked at least twice a year. Even a little bit of change needs to be noticed and bras need to be changed accordingly – to avoid any back slips and side-boob spills!


6. A bra should not be visible to the world (unless you specifically want it to be)

Wear colors underneath that don’t shine and make sure those straps are not visible either. Invest in good nude colored bras and some strapless ones to avoid this situation. And if you ARE going for the peekaboo effect, make sure your bra is a pretty one that won’t detract from your overall look.

7. Clasp those bras when you are storing them!

7 bra rules


If you want those delicate pieces to last longer, then you’ve got to store them in nice boxes or clothes drawers. Don’t forget to clasp them so that you avoid getting the hooks tangled with other bras and ruining them. Do not dump the bras loose and open since they also lose shape faster that way.

8. Only hand-wash bras – avoid machine-washing!

These delicates need to be given extra attention and care. Use lukewarm water and some gentle detergent to extend the life of your precious bras! If you are putting them in for a machine wash, put them in lingerie bags to protect them better, and make sure your wash cycle is set to “delicate”.


9. Do not hang them on a clothesline!

9 bra rules

Just like sweaters and knits, hanging bras can make them lose their elasticity due to the pull of gravity. After washing the bra, do not wring it. Instead pat dry and lay it flat on a towel or clean thick cloth to dry it out. Don’t put pegs on them while hanging them to avoid marks.


10. Get rid of bras you’ve been wearing for more than a year or two!

Yes, this is the truth. Bras are expensive, which is why you should have a variety of them so you keep rotating them. This will make them last longer. Bras lose elasticity with time and start stretching too much, making them not fit well. Replacing your bras every few months is a good idea.

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05 May 2016
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