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Shaheer Sheikh & Ankita Lokhande Are Being Viciously Trolled & The Reason Is Infuriating!

khushboo sharmakhushboo sharma  |  Jul 14, 2021
Shaheer Sheikh & Ankita Lokhande Are Being Viciously Trolled & The Reason Is Infuriating!


Last week, a major announcement was made for all the Pavitra Rishta fans. It was finally revealed that Shaheer Sheikh would be playing the iconic role of Maanav as the main lead opposite Ankita Lokhande. Well, the announcement came with a lot of nostalgia and fond memories for so many of us. However, there was also a faction that wasn’t too thrilled with the development. Within minutes, #BoycottPavitraRishta2 started trending on social media. Soon enough, both Shaheer and Ankita were getting brutally trolled. 

The trolls had a problem with the fact that Sushant Singh Rajput had been replaced by Shaheer. They also had a problem with Ankita because she had agreed to do the show with someone who wasn’t Sushant Singh Rajput. “Pavitra Rishta means one and only Sushant. No Sushant No Pavitra Rishta. It’s “Apavitra Rishta”. Boycott forever,” someone wrote. “We all should Boycott Pavitra Rishta 2. There was no need for the 2nd season. This is just to show that it is a tribute to Sushant but no we don’t want such a tribute where Sushant is being replaced,” another one added. 

Now, while we do accept that it is impossible to replace Sushant Singh Rajput and portray Maanav just like he did, but all this trolling is unacceptable. This is no way of respecting his memory and here are 5 reasons why all these so-called “fans” need to calm down right now:


It’s Literally A Tribute To The Memory Of SSR

It was back in July last year that Ankita Lokhande first approached Ekta Kapoor to create a Pavitra Rishta reboot so as to pay a tribute to Sushant Singh Rajput and the legacy that he has left behind. The entire idea of the show is to pay respect to the loving memory of Sushant and the iconic character of Maanav that he infused with so much of life. Its beyond us how someone who calls themselves a Pavitra Rishta or SSR fan asks to boycott something that pays a tribute to him. 

Sushant Moved On After His Time On The Show (& You Should Too)

We also need to keep in mind that Sushant quit Pavitra Rishta on his own accord so as to pursue a career in films. In fact, he was later replaced by Hiten Tejwani in the show. Long things short—Sushant moved on once he realised he has had his time with the show. This is exactly why all this commotion around the idea of him getting “replaced” makes no sense at all. 


Pavitra Rishta Is Ankita Lokhande’s Legacy As Well

Those who are currently trolling Ankita for agreeing to do the show need to understand that it is as much her legacy as it is of Sushant’s. If he was known for his portraiture of Maanav, she also did a pretty good job at playing Archana. In fact, the actress was attached to the show for a time way longer than Sushant. If we love the show today, then she is part of the reason and we can’t just unsee her contribution to the show. That’s unfair!

Nobody Gets To Judge Ankita For Moving On After The Breakup

There have been many incidents post Sushant’s demise when Ankita was asked twisted questions about him. She has also been trolled a lot in the past year. Just last month, she was vehemently abused on social media just ‘coz she refused to answer a question related to SSR. The same thing is happening right now post the latest reboot announcements. Honestly, all of it is as ludicrous as it gets. It’s super hypocritical of all these trolls to conveniently forget that Ankita and Sushant actually broke up long back and she has the right to move on. Seriously, it is high time that we stop expecting her to act like Sushant’s widow ‘coz that is exactly what’s happening right now. 


Sushant Would Have Never Appreciated All This Trolling

All these supposed “fans” of Sushant who are busy waging petty wars for him should also remember the kind and gentle soul that he was. Sushant was always polite with everyone and had immense love and respect for his vocation. How is disrespecting a show that he was an integral part of justified here?

Seriously, it is time that these trolls stop sullying Sushant Singh Rajput’s name by trolling Shaheer and Ankita. Sushant would NOT have wanted this!

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