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What EVERY Girl Should Say To A Guy Who Stares At Her Boobs!

What EVERY Girl Should Say To A Guy Who Stares At Her Boobs!

Sexual harassment is an unfortunate yet undeniable fact of life for most Indian girls. Whether it’s your ‘roadside Romeo’ who sings lewd songs as you walk past or the lecherous neighbour who’s just a bit too interested in the length of your skirt, you’ve all probably faced harassment in some form or the other simply by virtue of being born a woman. Us girls have become almost used to people insulting us, ogling at us, even accosting or assaulting us because of our bodies, our sex. And it is sadder still when a culture of sexual harassment takes root in the workplace too. (As if it isn’t bad enough that we’re still fighting to bridge the pay gap between men and women.) But what happens when you finally snap and decide to say enough is enough? This short film by Bombay Diaries tells the story of exactly that moment – when a girl (much like you or me) has had enough of her creepy colleague’s behaviour and decides to give it back to him without mincing her words.


Powerful and inspiring, this short film written and directed by Sana Ahmad is a must watch for every Indian girl. And ‘Malai thodei na hai, sir, ki jab aapka mann chaha aapne chammach dubaya aur chaat liya‘ is my new favouritest line in the whole world. Watch this now, ladies, and share it with as many people as you possibly can…


14 Mar 2017

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