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Messy Bun, But Make It Cute: How To Master A Top Knot In 3 Easy Steps

Messy Bun, But Make It Cute: How To Master A Top Knot In 3 Easy Steps

🙋 if you have no idea what day or time it is, don’t remember the last time you showered, your hair is tied up in a messy bun and you’re living the #BaiLife!

Same, sister!

Ever since the lockdown, all my hair styling tools are gathering dust. I don’t even remember the last time I brushed my hair properly. The only amount of hairstyling I do is to detangle my hair by brushing my fingers through them and tie them in a bun.

Yes, this effortless hairdo is making me look quite dishevelled but top knots are having their moment in quarantine. Everyone from your bua to your favourite celebrity, everyone is currently united by their buns 😛


How To: A Cutesy Looking Top Knot Bun

Tying your hair in a bun is the easiest trick in the book but admit it, your topknot doesn’t look as fly as Deepika’s or PeeCee’s. That’s why we’re going to show you how you can ace this celeb-approved hairstyle in 5 minutes.


But first, get a hold of these products:

– Hairspray

– Hair serum

– Bobby pins

– Hair tie


Step 1: Prep And Tie

Comb your hair thoroughly and brush your fingers through them. Flip your head upside down and massage your fingers on your head to add a little bit of volume in your hair. Use some hairspray at the roots to maintain the volume. You can also apply a dollop of hair serum to your hair for some shine.

Tie your hair in a loose, but high ponytail. Do not worry about small strands of hair coming out or if you can see hair bumps. The idea is to have it look a little messy. 

Step 2: Twist And Turn

Take hold of your hair and we twist, we twist, we twist…🎵

Twist and spin your hair around the ponytail’s base and continue to wrap it around. Make sure you leave a tiny tail of hair behind.

Step 3: Secure And Mess Around

Secure your messy top knot bun with a hair tie or bobby pins. Now that your hair is all tied up in a bun, use your fingers to pull out hair from the bun. This trick will make your bun appear fuller and super messy.

The best thing is, this hairdo is perfect for the days you were planning to skip the shampoo and even for your morning video calls! Use a texturizing hairspray or some dry shampoo to add some texture and grip.

Since buns have become a part of life now, and honestly, the easiest hairstyle I’ve ever rocked. I’ve decided that my post quarantine hairdo will look something like this:

– A messy top knot

– A stunning pair of sunglasses and statement earrings

– A sultry, red lipstick 💋


Featured Image: Instagram

22 Apr 2020

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