Do Better, Bollywood! 7 Horror Film Clichés We Don’t Want To See Ever Again

ShivaniShivani  |  Nov 1, 2021
Do Better, Bollywood! 7 Horror Film Clichés We Don’t Want To See Ever Again


I was 10 when I watched my first horror film. It was the 1984 Bollywood film Purana Mandir and I was hooked on the genre. I couldn’t get enough of the horror genre but eventually, even I couldn’t ignore how repetitive everything is in most Bollywood horror films. Same old plots, predictable special effects and sometimes even the same set designs! I mean at least make a little effort. So, I decided to make a list of things that have been overused by Bollywood. I am making this list with the hope that RGV and other filmmakers are going to pay attention. And, for once, will come up with better plots.

100-year-old Haveli In The Middle Of Nowhere


Imagine you were in a dense forest and you saw an old haveli and a creepy watchman guarding the building in shambles. Would you ever think that – this looks like the best place to spend the night? I am sure your answer is no because no one thinks that unless you are in a Bollywood horror film. There are so many questions that I have about the haveli, the main one being: Who the F is paying that old watchman? 

“Kaun Hai Wahan?”


Kaun hai wahan, wahan kaun hai?” I have played drinking games based on this question in a horror film! I hate to be the bearer of the bad news but no self-respecting ghost is gonna come out and introduce themselves. So, characters in horror stories should stop trying this cliche line again and again.

Random Love Song

A ghost is chasing you, four of your friends are dead and you might die too…Does this sound like the perfect proposal set-up? If your answer is yes, congrats on being a horror film protagonist! Just when things start to get interesting, some random love song ruins the vibe. I mean: Who are you playing this track for? The ghost? Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Ghost With A Half-Baked Love Story


Can we just have a better backstory for the poor ghost? Why must the ghost suffer a heartbreak for eternity? Imagine coming face-to-face with a feminist ghost who only haunts misogynists or an anti-capitalist spirit! Now that’s a story I would love to watch. 

Ominous Music

Background score is one of the most crucial elements in a horror film, but does it need to be so repetitive? For ages, Bollywood films in this genre have used similar music for every horror film and it is way too predictable. 

Poornima/ Amavasya Ki Raat

Credit: Giphy

The law of bhoot-land suggests that all ghost hunting can happen only on full moon’s night or no moon’s night. Are all ghosts secretly werewolves? Also, can ghosting happen on Sunday evening, so that everyone can avoid Monday blues?

Annoying College Kids

I get it you are young and full of energy but do you have to annoy a ghost for no reason? I know, I should be team humans but if some annoying kids were ruining my mental peace…Let’s just say I understand the spirits’ POV. More often than not, secretly I am happy when the annoying side characters are taken care of by the ghosts.

Dear Bollywood, please do good to this genre! The ghosts deserve better…

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