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The #ElfOnTheShelf Trend Has Taken Over Bollywood & We’re Enjoying Every Single One!

The #ElfOnTheShelf Trend Has Taken Over Bollywood & We’re Enjoying Every Single One!

When social media is not trolling or bullying others, it’s actually quite an interesting and fun place to explore! Over the years, there have been many challenges and trends on the internet that have kept us entertained for as long as they lasted. Remember the mannequin challenge where everyone had to stay still at odd positions? Or the ice-bucket challenge where people were poured a bucket full of ice onto themselves? Those challenges were super fun because our favourite celebrities also often joined in! 

And now, there’s a new trend doing rounds on the internet that is more like a Christmas meme fest. It’s called Elf On The Shelf Challenge, where the ‘elf’ is a celebrity and ‘shelf’ is the shoulder of another celebrity. Basically, the stars have to photoshop a celebrity’s pic and place it on their shoulders. The fun part is that their names have to rhyme. 

This trend gained momentum when various Hollywood stars joined the challenge and started sharing their take on it. Take a look:

Sophie Turner

The Queen of the North showed us how strong her rhyme-game is!

Mark Ruffalo

Marvel fanatics, you’re going to love this one because our favourite Avengers have taken the #ElfOnTheShelf challenge quite seriously!

Gal Gadot

The Wonder Woman stole the show with her fun take on the challenge.

And soon, some of our favourite Bollywood celebrities also started flexing their rhyming abilities. Some of them are so brilliant that we never could have imagined it! Take a look for yourself:

Priyanka Chopra

Global star PC nailed it with her version of #ElfOnTheShelf. Oprah as PC’s elf? We didn’t see that one coming!

Madhuri Dixit

Bad Girl Ri Ri aka Rihanna became Madhuri’s elf and we think it’s hella creative.

Sonakshi Sinha

Instead of choosing a celebrity, Sonakshi went for eternal beauty, Monalisa, and we’re in awe of her rhyming skills.

Rakulpreet Singh

We bet you wouldn’t have guessed even in your wildest dreams that Chandler could be the elf of Rakulpreet. But, we give it to the diva for using her surname so efficiently.

Nimrat Kaur

If you’re a superhero fan like us, then this will be your fav!

Masaba Gupta

Getting your name pronounced wrong? Yes, Masaba… we all have been there!

This has probably been one of our favourite social media trends so far and we hope more of our fave celebs jump on the bandwagon!

11 Dec 2020

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