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7 Body Washes That Will Remind You Of Summer All Year Long!

7 Body Washes That Will Remind You Of Summer All Year Long!

Currently, we’re in the middle of winters, finding it hard to wake up in the morning and go to work. Aren’t we all just dreaming of summer? Oh, the feeling of wearing dresses and skirts while being unbothered by ice-cold hands and feet is just something else and we can’t wait to be back there. But since we can’t escape January, we can find ways to live them summer days that we love so much.

Body Washes That Will Have You Smelling Fresh, Cool & Crisp All Day Long!

Which one is your favourite?

Freshen Up Your Senses

Pomegranate and Lime, two things that will definitely remind you of summer and icecreams!

To Smoother Skin

Not only will this body wash treat dull and dry skin and even out your skin tone, but the honey and vanilla scent also will transport you to times when getting out of bed isn’t so difficult in the morning.

A Walk On The Beach

For most of us, summer is about soaking in the sun by the beach and then going for a quick dip into the cold water. Imagine reliving that feeling in the middle of winters with this body wash. Blissful, right?

Wake Up Your Senses

If you’re having some morning blues, the fresh and floral aroma of roses and jasmine in this body wash is an instant pick me up. Not to mention the silky soft skin it leaves you with!

Pack A Punch Of Zing

What reminds you the most of summer – fresh, breezy and relaxed long days sipping on some chilled OJ or lemonade… Now bottle up that feeling and this is the body wash you’ll end up with! Did we mention that it’s also incredibly moisturising?

Relive The Cute Memories

If you like cutesy looking beauty products, this entire range has a few that you can choose from. This best body wash has ingredients like avocado & Vitamin E to keep your skin nourished, even at the peak of winter. 

Like A Bright, Summer Morning

One of my personal favourites, the zesty fragrance and the cooling effect of this one will leave you dreaming about bright, sunny days.

Which one will you be buying?

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05 Jan 2020

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