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Does Body Oil Work Better Than Lotion To Hydrate & Nourish The Skin? We Give You The Scoop

Anandita MalhotraAnandita Malhotra  |  Jun 3, 2021
Does Body Oil Work Better Than Lotion To Hydrate & Nourish The Skin? We Give You The Scoop


Most of us skincare fanatics spend all our time and money pampering the skin on our faces. We use serums, sheet masks, and moisturisers to hydrate the skin and keep it soft and supple. But what about the rest of the body? Doesn’t the skin on our arms, legs, and chest deserve the same kind of love? 

We’re sure that you have an array of sweet-smelling lotions on your vanity but do they really do the job that they’re supposed to? And what about body oils- do they work better? We’re here to help you understand the differences between these two products and which one should you pick. 

What’s The Difference Between Body Oil And Lotion?

While both body oils and lotions are products that hydrate and nourish the skin, they actually do it in different ways. Oils bring back the lost moisture to the skin and are especially great after exfoliating and cleansing. They seep deep into the skin and balance the skin’s oil production. Whereas lotions are great for targeting specific skin concerns like itchiness, redness etc. They both work well but you need to know when to use each.

When Should You Use A Body Oil?

Make It Your BFF During Summer

Love wearing shorts and skirts during the summer? Applying body oil is an easy way to make your skin look glowy and gorgeous. It’s also great for the summers cause it isn’t as thick compared to lotions and doesn’t feel sticky on the skin.

Fight Dull Skin With Oils

Did you know that oils can actually deliver nutrients and antioxidants to the skin and can help on a cellular level? Yup, the molecules in oils are much smaller and so they absorb very quickly into the skin and rejuvenate the cells creating a stronger moisture barrier. This is unlike lotions as they are thicker and mostly stay on the surface itself. 

Use It When You Wanna Lock In Moisturiser

When you’ve just hopped out of the shower, use a body oil to hydrate your skin. These repair and regulate damage on the skin’s surface and help lock in moisture. If your skin feels tight and irritated, then adding oils to your daily routine is important as it will penetrate to the deeper levels of the skin and replenish it. These are easy to absorb and protect the skin from enviornmental stressors and pollution. 

When Should You Use Body Lotion?

Lotions Are Great For Dry Skin

Lotions actually have an edge of oils when it comes to moisturising abilities. They are made with both oils and water and hence are better when you have dry skin, especially in the winters.

These Can Be Used Anytime

Oils are best used when you’ve come out of the shower but lotions can be used at any time. Pick ones that have ceramides and hyaluronic acids and they’ll do wonders.

So, the bottom line is that at the end of the day both body oil and body lotion work well in their own ways, it’s just a matter of personal preference and understanding your skin’s unique needs. Just remember to apply oil when your skin is still damp from the shower and use it in limited quantities. And as for lotion, use it any time of the day, slather it onto your skin and massage it in till it absorbs well.

P.S.: If you have extremely dry and dehydrated skin what will work for you is first using lotion or body butter and then lock it in with an oil. This acts as an occlusive and stops moisture loss. It’ll keep your skin super hydrated and supple and is especially beneficial if you live in a cold climate or feel your skin becoming taunt during the winter months.

Your skin deserves some loving!

Featured Image: Pexels