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OOPS! 8 Habits You Might Have That Are Causing Body Odour!

Sharon AlphonsoSharon Alphonso  |  May 5, 2016
OOPS! 8 Habits You Might Have That Are Causing Body Odour!


Have you caught the stink bug lately? If so, then you’ve got to change your lifestyle habits! Everyday things can have a huge impact on your body odour. That’s why you need to put an end to them ASAP! Here are 8 surprising habits that are causing body odour. Read on and say bye-bye to smelly days!

1. Eating What You Shouldn’t!

Did you know that the food you eat has a major impact on your body’s odour? Foods that have a surfeit of sulfate-containing organic compounds and sulfides usually are the culprits for this. When they are consumed in excess, these compounds are broken down by the body and give rise to pungent odours that are released through the skin and sweat. Cut down on eating foods like egg yolk, red meat, onions, cabbage, seafood and garlic because they’re rich in these compounds.

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2. You Repeat Your Bras

Ladies, we’ve all been guilty of at least once repeating our bra without having washed it. Well, you shouldn’t! Some bras are made of polyester and synthetic, and these fabrics not only trap odour but also become a breeding ground for bacteria when your sweat dries. Thus giving rise to odour, and even rashes! Make sure that you’re washing your bras regularly, and never wear the same bra two days in a row.

3. You Stress Out Pretty Often

You’d be surprised to know that stress sweat is the stinkiest! When the body is in on alert mode, it activates the apocrine glands. They produce sweat with a lesser amount of water and with a higher percentage of fat and protein compounds that attract bacteria, ultimately resulting on increased body odour.

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4. Your Drinking Habits

When you drink, you do sweat. It’s your body’s way of throwing some of the alcohol out. When you take a big gulp of alcohol, it runs through the veins, blood and some of it even comes out through your pores in the form of sweat. This not only leads to body odour, it leads to bad breath as well!

5. You Only Use A Deodorant

Did you know that deodorants only temporarily mask your body odour? Yes, that’s right! What you need is an antiperspirant. What it does is remarkable – it actually reduces the amount of sweat your skin produces! If you want longer-lasting results, apply it before you go to bed, and wash it off in the morning – this reduces sweat production at night-time too.

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6. You Don’t Wash Your Hair Too Often

When don’t wash your scalp too often, it collects dry, oil and sweat. It then turns into a breeding ground for bacteria and odour is produced. This then makes your scalp itchy and smelling. Try washing your hair twice or thrice a week to prevent dandruff, oil, and dirt. Use a shampoo that has anti-bacterial agents in it and can de-germ your scalp and reduce odour.

7. You’re Not Showering Enough

This one is pretty basic, but needs to be re-emphasized. EVEN if you’ve been sitting in the AC all day long (or have been sleeping in an air-conditioned room), those morning and end-of-the-day showers are absolutely essential, because your body has been digesting and purging chemicals from your body all day and all night long. Not maintaining basic hygiene would most definitely cause BO.

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8. You Wear Too Much Synthetic Fabric

Synthetic fabrics and form-fitting outfits are one of the reasons for body odour. The materials not only traps sweat, it also causes skin irritation. Instead of wearing super-tight outfits, opt for cotton and other natural fabrics, and also looser cuts that allow your skin to breathe and your sweat to dry naturally. Result: no odour-causing bacteria build-up!

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