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10 Body Language Tricks To Find Out What He’s *Really* Saying!

10 Body Language Tricks To Find Out What He’s *Really* Saying!

Although it is popularly said that women are confusing, it is men that women often find confusing! Don’t we all wish that there was some way of secretly figuring out what was on their minds or what they’re thinking? Well, what if we told you that there is such a way?! Yes, through decoding these body language tricks, you definitely can figure out what’s on your man’s mind. So go on, read and decode his body language!

1. He raises his eyebrows…

Subconsciously, a person usually raises their eyebrows when they like what they see, and want to see more of it! So if you see your guy raising his eyebrows in the middle of a conversation, or anywhere else, just know that he likes what he sees or hears!

2. His shoulders and chest are turned towards you…

Even if his face is turned in another direction. If his shoulders are clearly turned in your direction while he’s talking – even to someone else – it’s a pretty clear indication that he’s into you!

3. He licks his lips!

Don’t worry, we don’t mean in a creepy way! When you’re attracted to someone and they’re right in front of you, your mouth starts to produce excess saliva. In response, he might begin to lick his lips. Now that’s an easy one to spot!


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4. He half smiles…

Or smiles with his lips pressed tight together. He probably does like you, but this kind of smile often indicates that he’s a little shy and doesn’t want to reveal too much too soon.

5. He offers you his hand, palm facing up

When a guy holds his hand out to you with his palm facing up, just know this – he likes you, a lot! He’s quite literally trying to reach out to you, and wants to form a deeper connection with you.

6. He touches the small of your back…

Or holds you by the sides… He’s aroused, all right! He’s probably been thinking about having you all to himself, all day long. Touching these sensitive, sensual spots is an indication that he’s sexually aroused by you.


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7. He walks in sync with you…

If you’re seriously involved with a guy and he does this, it’s actually a great sign! This means that not only does he see you as his lover but also sees a friend in you. Walking with you, arm in arm, or hand in hand when you’re out together shows that he wants to project the two of you as a united entity.

8. He runs his hands through his hair

He could just do it because he wants to fix his hair! But more often than not, if he’s doing this while engaging with you, it means that he’s anxious and nervous to be around you. In a good way! He probably gets butterflies at the very sight of you and wants to look his very best when you’re around.

9. He sleeps on his stomach…

Again, if you’re deeply involved with someone, and actually get to see the way he falls asleep every night, notice how he does it! If he sleeps on his stomach, it more often than not means that he enjoys controlling his space and likes to be in charge.


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10. He strokes your forearm while talking to you…

He craves your attention! He wants you to be present and listening to him 100%. He wants your undivided attention and stroking your arm while talking to you is just a way to ensure you focus on him.

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28 Nov 2016

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