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7 Annoying Body Hair Issues All Girls Face!

7 Annoying Body Hair Issues All Girls Face!

Body hair? Almost everyone has it (we hate the lucky few who don’t!). And for most of us, getting rid of body hair is a monthly ritual we follow with utmost vigilance. Can I wear a dress today? Will the parlour lady judge me for missing my last appointment? I think she missed a spot! Been through all of these hair removal woes? Then here are 7 body hair issues you will totally relate to…


1. Monthly, nay, fortnightly parlour visits

We all do this and are shamelessly admitting it. We make more trips to the parlour in a month than anywhere else. Ever been called in the middle of a waxing session by a crush to ask you out on a date? Then made up an excuse to not go because, well, you’re slithering on a table, trying not to scream, while a stranger kills you with pain (one strip at a time)? Been there, done that. And it’s a scene straight out of a horror movie!

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2. That pesky in-between period

So, getting rid of body hair every fortnight is not the only problem we face. Nope, we were built to handle much bigger problems than that. Like hair that is very visible but is extremely un-waxable. You know those little bristles we all grow a week after getting waxed…yeah, those! And so, we prefer a razor on most days. It let’s you have the freedom to remove body hair whenever you want and in the shortest time period. The Gillette Venus razor is a great option to rid yourself of hair that bothers you. Just glide on some shaving gel and swipe this extremely easy-to-use razor over your skin. That easy!

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3. The pain…OMFG!

We all know the amount of drama that goes on behind the closed doors of a parlour. Especially when you have to wax your private parts! It is just one of those things you have to do but it takes a lot of convincing and mental preparation. It’s not just any other parlour appointment after all, you know you’re going to be subjected to the worst kind of pain. Made a million excuses to reach the parlour that day and had a pain killer hoping it helps? Same pinch!

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4. The no-dresses-or-shorts period

Don’t you just hate that period of hair growth when you can’t wear dresses or shorts because you’ve got a forest growing on your legs or arms? Even if you haven’t reached the forest stage, it must get pretty uncomfortable when there’s a party to attend and you’ve got tiny hair growing all over your body. What if everyone at that dark club turns to stare at your legs? This is the stuff nightmares are made of. Please note the sarcasm!

How To Remove Unwanted Hair Permanently At Home Naturally

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5. When friends think you’re growing a moustache

Know those times you’ve walked into college and your friends point and laugh at the fuzz growing on your upper lips? We’ve been there too and it’s not fun. But hey, it’s not everyday you can look like Bollywood legend, Raj Kumar, is it?

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6. Unsightly razor cuts

We bet you won’t find a single person on the face of the planet with an affinity for razor cuts and burns (except, maybe, serial killers!). We hate them as much as you do. As convenient as using a razor is, it comes with its fair share of problems. But not anymore. Our current favourite is the Gillette Venus razor, which comes with an aloe vera strip – which is an indicator of when it is time to change your razor. The strip also ensures a smooth shave and almost no cuts or burns.

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7. Bleach doesn’t really take the hair away #UglyTruth

When you’ve got Elvis Presley sideburns gracing the sides of your face, you have no option but to bleach it (unless you earn truckloads of money and can afford laser hair removal!). But what we don’t realize is the ugly truth about bleaching creams. They colour your hair and don’t remove them. As a result, you’re stuck with blonde hair on your face. And as neighborhood aunties have surely demonstrated, blonde hair does not go with Indian skin tones. Nope. Nada!

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*This is a sponsored post for Gillette Venus.

24 Aug 2016

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