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Blend Like A Pro With MyGlamm Beauty Blender

Blend Like A Pro With MyGlamm Beauty Blender

If the world of foundation has seen a game changer, it’ll probably be the beauty blender. Gone are the days when we had to blend for 25 minutes (what an arm workout!) to avoid a cakey base. I know most make-up artists would agree with me when I say a good blender is as important as the foundation itself. And we found one, a new one that’s really good. I’m talking about My Glamm’s Beauty Blender.


Blend Like A Pro

Made without latex (that’s not good for your skin), MyGlamm’s Beauty Blender helps get an even-toned base without using, or wasting too much product. In fact, the sponge is really soft and edgeless, and that means it won’t leave any lines or streaks when you’re actually using it. The rounded corners make it a multitasker to colour correct your under-eye area too.

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Insta-Worthy Packaging!

Unlike egg-shaped beauty blenders, this one comes in a brush-format. The white and gold packaging makes it Insta-worthy! Unlike washing a brush, you can wash it with a clean, moist cloth.

One Brush, Many Uses

Here are a few ways of adding this multi-tasking brush to your beauty routine.

1. Apply a liquid foundation on your face and neck while using the dot method. Then use the MyGlamm Beauty Blender to blend your base.

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2. For an airbrushed look, use the brush in a stippling motion.
3. Wipe the blender and use an orange colour corrector to neutralise dark circles under your eyes. Since it’s a multi-tasker, you can use MyGlamm Beauty Blender to finish applying your concealer too.
4. You can also use it be to blend in your bronzer. Apply the bronzer in the shape of 3 on your forehead, cheeks and jawline. Blend.

The MyGlamm Beauty Blender is one of the major delights you get in the POPxo’s Beauty Box.

The POPxo Beauty Box also includes:

1.Blossom Kochhar White Tea & Chamomile Face Wash (MRP Rs. 77)

2.Organic Harvest Pomegranate Lip Balm (MRP Rs. 199)

3.Souhait Essentials Flawless Face Oil (MRP Rs. 350)

4.MyGlamm Beauty Blender (MRP Rs. 950)

5.Colorbar Fruit Drop Hydrating Hand Cream

6.Blossom Kochhar Voucher (20% Off on purchase above Rs. 799)

7.Marks & Spencer Voucher (Rs. 500 Off on purchase above Rs. 2,500)


This post is in association with ePOPxo.

31 Jan 2018

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