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Whatever You Do, Don’t Miss The Visual Fashion Treat That Is Beyoncé’s Black Is King

Whatever You Do, Don’t Miss The Visual Fashion Treat That Is Beyoncé’s Black Is King

‘Needs no introduction’ is a sentiment that would perhaps best describe Beyoncé—a true blue star in our midst. A year after her widely acclaimed documentary Homecoming made its way to the viewers, the singer, songwriter and filmmaker is back with another gem, and there is absolutely no reason for you to miss out on it. Following the 2019 remake of The Lion King, to which Beyoncé lent her voice, the new album Black Is King is pure visual storytelling. With it’s running time of 85 minutes, the film reimagines The Lion King remake, presenting it with a contemporary take while highlighting African diaspora, Black history and elements. And whilst doing so, fashion has taken a forefront, woven beautifully to present the narrative. Read on. 

The Costumes In ‘Black Is King’

From known design houses to independent Black designers, Beyoncé’s new album is a visual treat that celebrates talented labels. Collated by her stylist Zerina Akers, be prepared for each frame to be a smorgasbord of fashion and culture. Here’s taking a deep dive to look at some of the most extraordinary looks

In Loza Maléombho


The structured blazer rounded up with gold comes from the ateliers of Loza Maléombho, an Ivorian American designer based out of Côte d’Ivoire. Working with local artisans, Loza’s work lies on the intersection of traditional subcultures and modern fashion, deriving elements from both to serve a contemporary mix. What’s more, is that the designer has made the striped belt featuring pockets and gold adornments available for shopping. 

In Lace By Tanaya


A glistening cape was one of the hit numbers in the album. Spotted on Beyoncé, the custom-made attire was designed by Lace by Tanaya and has been in the making since last August, as shared by the artist on Instagram. 

In Ashi Studio


A scene-stealing black bustier adorned with feathers makes a striking appearance in Black Is King, another custom-made piece, this time by Ashi Studio. Launched well over a decade ago in Beirut, the label by Mohammed Ashi is known for its unique detailing in both haute couture and wearable fashion. 

In Selam Fessahaye


Another striking piece that makes an appearance in the album is the breezy, ruffled yellow dress by the Swedish-Eritrean designer Selam Fessahaye. Selam, who often derives inspiration from her heritage, presented her first collection just two years in August of 2018. 

In Valentino


Incorporating in her fashion wardrobe an attire which has been seen on multiple celebrities over time, Beyoncé wore a leopard-print bodysuit by Valentino. Embroidered and carrying intricate details that imparted a sheen, the album also saw the singer in a jacquard leopard print cape by the Italian fashion house. 

In Area


In the past couple of years, Area has established itself as a known name in fashion, its glam offerings often seen off the runways on celebrities and influencers alike. Launched in 2014, the New York-based label makes its appearance through an intricately done crystal poncho, hairpiece and earrings donned by Beyoncé. 

In Simon-Hartman


London-based designer Melissa Simon-Hartman designed the tiered black frou-frou gown spotted in a scene where the singer presents herself as the black queen piece in a game of chess. Accessorised with an intricate belt and an elaborate headdress, the couture look by the designer, who is of Trinidadian and Ghanaian heritage, shines through. 

In Schiaparelli


Just when you would think it couldn’t get any better, Beyoncé was joined by supermodel Naomi Campbell. Both dressed in Schiaparelli couture by Daniel Roseberry, the off-the-shoulder and hooded voluminous gowns iterations that might have been spotted on a couple of red carpets. 

A visual treat for fashion enthusiasts indeed!

Featured Image: Instagram 

04 Aug 2020

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