Here Are 10 Dark Confessions Of A Black Dress Hoarder… Shh!

Kriti AsthanaKriti Asthana  |  Jan 25, 2018
Here Are 10 Dark Confessions Of A Black Dress Hoarder… Shh!


I’ll let you in on a little secret. The black hole? A myth that started when NASA astronauts saw my closet from space. Piles and piles of black, but let me promise you none of them are basic. A simple plain black dress is too predictable. From texture play to shimmer, the way to create an out-of-the-world look is to give it a twist. Take note, as I give you my shortlisted selection of the little black dresses, specially for you ‘coz  #BlackDressesMatter too.

1. Texture Mish-Mash


If you tell people you want to wear sheer, velvet and rouched shoulders TOGETHER, they might say “it’s a bit much, no?” But clearly that isn’t true in the world of black #MultiTaskers

Price: Price : ₹ 2,990. Buy it here.

2. After Party


Thank God for tuxedo dresses! Am I going to a party? Am I going to a meeting? Am I going to a meeting and then to a party? You’ll never know #MysteriousGirl

Price: Price : ₹ 3,990. Buy it here.

3. Shimmy Shimmy Yeah


I belong to the Instagram generation, and fringe dresses make for some great boomerangs! Twist and shoot #BloggerLife

Price: Price : ₹ 2,499. Buy it here.

4. Headed to Coachella


The binge-eating over holiday season is starting to show. I’m just going to put on a loose flowy dress and say I’m feeling “boho chic” #SecretKeeper

Price: Price : ₹ 2,199. Buy it here.

5. A Glutton For Buttons


My people (that’s fashion people for the unfamiliar) love anything that exists purely to accessorise, not to serve a purpose. How else would you explain chainmail, duster coats or in this case, giant buttons? If it looks good, we have got to have it! #DefunctFunky

Price: ₹ 3,200. Buy it here.

6. Waist Focus


I have a question for you, Kim K! Do corset belts qualify as waist trainers, ‘coz I’d sure like to shed a few #CrunchesWho

Price: Price : ₹ 1,299. Buy it here.

7. Flower Power


You might say this gown belongs on the red carpet, but I say it has to be re-routed through my closet #InTransit

Price: Price : ₹ 2,990. Buy it here.

8. Shiny Disco Ball  


They challenged me I couldn’t blind them with my style. I took it a tad too literally with my strappy little dress. #NowYouSeeMe

Price: Price : ₹ 5,049. Buy it here.

9. Bringing Sexy Back  


I think of myself as God’s gift to this planet. Of course, I came gift wrapped #BowDownMuggles    

Price: Price : ₹ 2,047. Buy it here.

10. Faux Furry  


So what if I can’t be a mafia wife. (The guns and the violence, I can’t let the blood spatter ruin my clothes OR MY HAIR!) But I sure can dress like one #GangstaFeels   

Price: Price : ₹ 1,920. Buy it here.

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