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10 Bizarre Things We Spotted On The Internet Today That You Just Can’t Miss

The internet can be weirdly fun on some days. It’s the endless scrolling that gets us some of our favourite memes and moments. And you know, what? We all love that one friend who digs through the gram to find the best content – it’s actually a love language. So we thought of dedicating today to some of the most bizarre (and interesting) things that we spotted on the internet. Consider this a little gesture. 

Here goes:

1. A woman rinsed potatoes in a dishwasher ‘cos potatoes apparently fit EVERYWHERE?

The woman explained that this saves time, and it’s one of those things that she does for holiday dinners. Understandably, people are now paranoid after watching the video.

2. There’s a fan page for Karan Johar’s pouts, and its existence is the ‘conjecture’ of the day.

We cannot deny the fact that KJo has managed to make the ‘pout face’ a timeless pose. He’s the reason why we’re still doing it, so a fan page makes sense. But oh gawd, the mystery is hurting. 


3. Pritam ruled people’s Spotify Wrapped lists, and now everyone’s got trust issues. 

The internet is shocked with their Spotify Wrapped lists for a lot of reasons. However, Pritam scoring as the top artist in most lists has definitely confused many.

4. This edit managed to turn human beings into flying objects. Elon Musk, who?

5. A brand new character addition to the Chudail series. They refer to him as Raju, Rahul and Raju again, so viewers are speculating if it’s a plot twist or a technical glitch.

The Chudail series has changed how we consume content, and we might never go back. Now that it’s an important spectacle, you must follow it religiously.

6. Orry earns with selfies, what some of us cannot even imagine earning in a decade. 

Apparently, Orry shared an important detail during his appearance on Bigg Boss. The ‘liver’ said that he gets paid for taking selfies and one selfie pays around ₹25 lakhs.

7. Rakhi Sawant being an absolute mood, AGAIN. 

A reel from an interview is making it to a lot of our feeds. It shows Rakhi contemplating life, because people are harsh. And we relate.


8. A flight started leaking, whilst in the air.

During a flight from Delhi to London, the Air India airplane started leaking from the overhead storage. We do not know how to comprehend this.

9. A wedding card designed as a research paper – given that marriage is actually research and couples are just samples. 

This specific card of a Bangladeshi couple detailed information as a research. It was new, refreshing and quite interesting. 

10. The Internet’s favourite kid is back, and he’s BFF goals again. 

Except this time it’s Samosa and not Khatti toffee.

Happy surfing!

02 Dec 2023

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