80+ Birthday Wishes For Your Sister ‘Coz She Deserves All The Love!

Sharon AlphonsoSharon Alphonso  |  Nov 30, 2020
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Nobody knows you better than your sister. She is your best friend, your mentor and your soulmate. With her by your side, life is colourful. No matter how often the two of you fight, you will always come back stronger than ever. Quite obviously then, her birthday is the one day you want to shower her with love and pamper her to no limits. And the best gift you can send her is your good intentions. By putting your thoughts into words, you will not only make her day but also form an unbreakable bond. If you need help with sending birthday wishes to your sister, here we are!

20 Cutesy Birthday Wishes To Send To Your Sister

These birthday wishes for your sister in English are bound to make your sister feel like a ball of mush!

– My lovely sister, on your Birthday, I’d like to wish you a life filled with joy, happiness and loads of giggles. 

– Dear sister, I’m grateful to have you in my life. You are my rock and role model. I hope your Birthday brings you joy and happiness. 

– My precious sister, I never told you how important you are to me. Whenever I needed a shoulder to cry on, you were there. Whenever I needed a friend to talk to, you were there. Whenever I needed someone to pour my heart out, you were there. You’re the best sister in the whole world. Happy Birthday, beautiful.  

– Thank you for letting me borrow your favourite dress, your expensive pair of shoes and your designer bag. Thank you for sharing everything of yours with me – your company included. Happy Birthday, sister!

– Happy Birthday, dearest sister! I wish you all the luck in the world and a lifetime of happiness.

– Nobody gives a warmer hug than you. To the cuddliest teddy bear in the world, Happy Birthday, sister!

– Happy Birthday to the prettiest girl in the world! I’m sure you’ll turn heads wherever you go. 

– Did I ever tell you that there’s no one out there who is as charming and wonderful as you are? You’re a rare gem, and I’m so grateful to call you my sister. Happy Birthday!

 heart touching birthday wishes for sister


– More than sisters, we are best friends. I rarely open up to anyone, but to you, I’m an open book. You are one of the few people who know the real me. I’m so glad to be with you in this journey called life. Happy Birthday, dear sister! 

– Since it’s your Birthday today, I give you a free pass to my closet! You can borrow whatever you want (but get them back tomorrow! *Wink*)

– Only a few people ‘get’ me and you’re one of them! I’m the luckiest girl in the world to call you my sister. Happy Birthday!

– Even though we don’t talk to each other every day, you will always be in my heart and mind. I hope that you make the most of your Birthday today. 

– Dear sister, do you know what’s common between you and a diamond? You both sparkle like crazy, have hella expensive tastes, and are a woman’s best friend! Thank you for being so awesome. Happy Birthday!

– Do you want to know who is my inspiration? It’s you. I never told this, but everything that you do inspires me to become the best version of myself. Happy Birthday my dearest sister!

– In a world for trends, you are a classic. Happy Birthday, rockstar!

– Wishing Happy Birthday to my darling sister. You are someone who has the power to light up a room just by walking into it. You are a star! 

deep birthday wishes for sister


– Thank you for understanding me for ‘me’ when no one would. I don’t know what I would do without you. Happy Birthday, my favourite human!

– When everyone else gave up on me, you did not. You pushed me to think bigger and become better. All that I am, is because of you. Happy Birthday, darling sister!

– Happy Birthday, my partner-in-crime. My world would be so boring if you weren’t in it. 

– You’re the masala to my Maggi, the sprinkles to my cupcake and the whipped cream to my coffee. What I mean to say is, we are better together. Happy birthday, gorgeous!

20 Birthday Wishes For Sister From Brother

You will want to bookmark these for sure! Check out these birthday wishes for sister from brother:  

– As your bro, I will always be there for you when you need me. Just pick up the phone and call. I’ll drop everything to be by your side. Happy Birthday, dear sister!

– No matter how old I get, I will always look up to you. Even though I may not say this too often, but you mean the world to me, sister! Have a Happy Birthday. 

– You’re not just a sister to me, but my homie, drinking buddy and dance partner. I’m fortunate to have a sister like you. Happy Birthday, you!

– Dear sister, it’s your birthday today. If you’re upset that you’ve gotten a year older, just remember that just like wine, you only get better in time.

Happy birthday wishes for sister from brother


– The best part of being your brother is having a sister who is as amazing as me. Happy Birthday, dearest sister!

– I just want you to know that I wouldn’t trade you for the world because you are the most important person in my life. Thank you for always being there, sister! Happy Birthday.

– I don’t know how people make it through life without having a sister by their side? You make this journey called life worth living. Happy Birthday, darling sister. 

– My childhood wouldn’t be awesome if you weren’t it. Thank you for all the memories, sis! Have a great Birthday!

– Darling sister, thank you for teaching me how to love, respect and treat a lady. I hope to find someone as strong and amazing as you someday. 

– When mother was busy at work, you took up her role. Thank you for teaching me all that I know about life today. I’m fortunate to have a sister like you. Happy Birthday!

– If you ever need a guy to trash that good-for-nothing ex of yours, I’ll be glad to do the job! No one (and I mean no one) messes with my sister and gets away with it. Happy Birthday from your protective brother.

emotional birthday wishes for sister


– When I came into this planet, you were the first friend I made. You’ve seen me in all my phases and still accepts me wholeheartedly for who I am. Thank you, dear sister! May you have a lovely Birthday. 

– There may be many pretty women out there, but you’re the prettiest! Happy Birthday to my gorgeous sister.

– As your big brother, I can’t wait to see you grow into a beautiful, strong and independent woman one day. I’m confident that you will make waves when you do. Happy Birthday, sheranee!

– Do you know what I did today? I counted my blessings today and you were on top of my list. Have a blessed Birthday. 

– I may not be the best brother out there, but to me, you’re the best sister in the world! May you have the best birthday today. 

– I want you to know that you’ve been instrumental in shaping me as a person. Whoever I am today is because of your care and guidance. Thank you for your never-ending support and love. Happy Birthday, sister!

– It’s an honour to call you my sister because I’ve learned so much from you. You never saw my tears as a weakness but my strength. Thank you for comforting me and accepting me for who I am. Happy Birthday, sister.

– Life would be super boring if I didn’t have someone to fight with. Happy Birthday, little warrior!  

– Ain’t nobody dances to Bollywood songs as enthusiastically as you. Ain’t nobody eats a plate of samosas faster than you. Ain’t nobody laughs louder than you. Thank you for being unapologetically yourself. Happy Birthday, rockstar!

20 Birthday Text Messages For Sister From Sister

These 20 birthday wishes for sister from a sister will surely make her day! Which of these will you send to your sister?

– Just texted you to tell you that first, I miss you and second, I’m so proud of the woman you’ve become. Happy Birthday, my sister. 

– Sometimes we fight, but most of the time, we’re thick as thieves. On your birthday, I want to remind you that you are my favourite human in the whole wide world. 

–  Everything that you do, you somehow manage to make it look cool. I admire that about you. Have a lovely Birthday, sister.

-*Attaches picture* Whenever I look at our picture, I think to myself how fortunate I am to have you as my sister. Together, we are unstoppable! Happy Birthday, cutie.

– When we hug, I just know that I’m in a safe and loving space. Thank you for being my shoulder to cry on. Happy Birthday, my everything.

sweet birthday text messages for sister


– To the woman who has stuck with me through thick and thin – Happy Birthday! Thank you for loving me unconditionally. 

– There are many wonderful people out there who have amazing sisters, but we’re the best duo in the world. Happy Birthday, beautiful!

– I don’t need a superhero by my side when I have you. You take care of the bad guys for me. Happy Birthday, Wonderwoman!

–  Friends come and go, but sisters stay together forever. Happy Birthday, my ride or die. 

–  You may not be a superstar, but to me, you’re so much more than that! Wishing you a Happy Birthday from your biggest fan. 

– They say you can’t choose your family. If that’s the case, I’m lucky to be stuck to you. Happy Birthday, darling sister. 

heart touching birthday wishes for sister


–  One of the greatest gifts in life is having your own sister. Someone to laugh, cry and dance with. I could not be happier to have you as my sister. Happy Birthday!

–  I’m only wishing you a Happy Birthday because I want a slice of your birthday cake *Wink*

– *Sends song voice note* This song reminds me of you. I hope that you like your Birthday gift. 

– Just for today, you can borrow ANYTHING you want from my closet. Happy Birthday, sister!

–  You turn my tears into a smile. Ain’t nobody is a better cheerleader than you. Happy Birthday, my sister. 

– Sister: Someone who annoys you, but you love them anyway! Happy Birthday, my pretty!

–  Even though it’s your birthday, I got the best gift! It’s you. Happy Birthday, you rare diamond. 

–  It’s hard to find someone who is as genuine as you. May your birthday bring you happiness and success in life. 

– Come home quickly! There’s a Birthday present waiting for you in your room *Hurray*

20 WhatsApp Status For Sister’s Birthday

These WhatsApp status messages for your sister’s birthday will surely make her feel special on her big day. 

– Happy Birthday to the biggest star in the universe! May you shine even brighter than the sun. 

–  Dear sister, don’t count your candles, count your blessings instead. Happy Birthday, babe! 

– It’s my favourite person’s Birthday today! 

– Happy Birthday, Lil pataka! Ain’t nobody as bomb as you *Wink*

– Dear universe, please make all my sister’s dreams come true on her birthday!

– If everyone had an understanding and loving sister like you, the world would be a better place.

 Best whatsapp status birthday wishes for sister


– Keep calm and eat your cake, sister! Happy Birthday to you. 

– The greatest gift mom and dad gave me is you. Happy Birthday, sis!

– Thank you for not just knowing my story, but helping me write it too. Happy Birthday, sister!

– If there’s someone I would give my life for, it has to be my sister. Happy Birthday, beautiful

– When you can’t solve your problems, don’t worry, you will never face them alone. I’m with you at every step. Happy Birthday!

– Who needs a puppy when I have a cutesy sister like you. You’re energetic, adorable and full of life. Happy Birthday, sister!

– She’s annoying sometimes, but most of the time, she’s a sweetheart. Do you ever change, okay? Happy Birthday, sister. 

– What’s the point of happiness when you have no one to share it with? Which is why I love and adore you. Happy Birthday!

happy birthday wishes to my lovely sister


– The world would be such a lonely place if you weren’t in it. Thank you for coming into my world and being a part of my life. 

– Whether you like it or not, we’re stuck together for life. Happy Birthday, dear sister!

– The greatest gift you’ve given me is your company. Happy Birthday, sister!

– Happy Birthday to the smartest, prettiest girl I know. 

– Because of you, I’ve learned to laugh at my flaws and embrace them. Thank you for teaching me to love myself. Happy Birthday, girl!

– Hey, sister! Do you know what I got you for your Birthday present? ME!

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