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7 Times Birthday Girl Shilpa Shetty Left Us Stunned With Her Glorious Beauty Looks

7 Times Birthday Girl Shilpa Shetty Left Us Stunned With Her Glorious Beauty Looks

Shilpa Shetty is so stunning, we can’t believe she’s in her late forties, because who would? Like international icons JLo and Shakira, Shilpa looks like she’s ageing backwards and she shows no signs of ageing whatsoever. Today being this Bollywood sensation’s birthday, we stop to revisit her best beauty moments that make us wonder how she keeps things so fresh all the time. From rocking current trends to retro styles, here are all the beauty looks we love on birthday girl Shilpa Shetty. 

Birthday Bash: Shilpa Shetty’s Best Beauty Moments In The Past Year

Princess Diaries

The actress is serving some major beauty inspo here and she has left no element of hair or makeup overlooked. Her mane is set up in a pouffe ponytail and dressed with embellished wreaths. For her makeup, she rocks glowy skin and nude lips with a pop of gold on her lids.

Ruby Kiss

This one’s a classic and Shilpa adds her own elegance to it to make it look so alluring. The star has her hair styled to perfection in waves and wears a clip at the side for extra panache. Her makeup features the most subtle cat eyeliner and a ruby red lipstick in a luxe matte finish that just catches the eye.

Pony Pop

The birthday gal dared to rock the highest ponytail we’ve seen in a while and she looks absolutely stunning while at it. Her makeup is simply high on glow and features a bold winged eyeliner so that the hairdo can shine without interruption.

Sea Goddess 

Take a second to adore how unrealistically beautiful Shilpa Shetty can be; she looks like an absolute goddess! Here, she wears a crown that’s fit for a queen and sea green glitter eyeshadow that is put on full blast. 

Classic Catch

This look reminds us of her movies in the 90s and proves to us once again that she hasn’t aged even a little. This iconic look features a bubble braid and kohl as the stars of her look, replete with a bindi and mauve lipstick for a retro effect.

Lilac Vision

How is she so beautiful? Shilpa captivates us with a poppy-hued eye makeup look that is simple yet so impactful. She wears a lilac eyeshadow all over her lids and slays.

Retro Chic

Taking a page from another style icon Audrey Hepburn, Shilpa Shetty wears her hair in a high pouffe bun with a fringe, and accessories it with a polka dot band. The makeup is classic too, with cat eyeliner and red lipstick. What an ode to old cinematic beauty!

We have no doubt that Shilpa Shetty might just get younger today on her birthday!. Cheers to this beautiful diva and may her beauty looks keep inspiring.

Featured Images: Instagram

08 Jun 2022

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