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Groom up down there with these bikini area waxing tips

Groom up down there with these bikini area waxing tips

Dear brides-to-be, are you hesitant about getting your bikini area waxed? If so, don’t be! We are here to clear every doubt you’ve ever had about getting a bikini wax. Scroll down ‘coz we’ve answered all your questions about bikini waxing down under. Be sure to read these answers and tips before you book a bikini area waxing appointment, they’re sure to clear out all your hesitations.

1. I have never gotten waxed down there, is it absolutely safe?

Bikini area waxing is absolutely safe if you get it done at a good and hygienic place. If it is the first time you’re getting bikini waxing, and that too before your wedding, we suggest you try it about 2 months in advance and then get another one, about a week before the celebrations. 

2. Will I have to get totally naked? Won’t it be embarrassing?

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Well, yes, you will have to be naked from the waist down in order to get bikini waxing done. However, once you see how professional your waxing lady is, you’ll get over your embarrassment. She is just doing her job, like she does with hundreds of other women. 


3. What if I…smell?

Before you go for your bikini waxing appointment, take a bath and clean yourself up. Every woman understands that stuff goes on ‘down there’ but it is basic courtesy to wash yourself before your appointment and not show up for a bikini wax right after a rigorous gym workout. 

4. Will it hurt? Will I cry in pain?

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Well, we wish we could tell you that it doesn’t, but bikini area waxing does hurt. However, here are certain things you can do to mitigate the pain. Don’t shave too close to your bikini wax appointment, as your hair needs to be at least a quarter of an inch long in order for it to be waxed smoothly. You can also take a mild, over-the-counter painkiller an hour before you get waxed if you simply cannot handle the pain.

5. How often should I get waxed?

If you’re looking to be soft and smooth for all the shaadi functions and beyond, we suggest you get yourself waxed about a week to 10 days in advance. Getting your bikini area waxed every 3 to 4 weeks is ideal for minimum pain as that allows your hair to be just the right length.


6. What should I do after getting waxed?

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After you get waxed, dear brides-to-be, make sure you wear only soft, breathable cotton panties and loose clothes. Bottom-wear that is too tight and sweating too much right after vagina waxing can lead to infection-causing bacteria. Also, use an over-the-counter skin cream like Soframycin to soothe the area and prevent infections.

7. So I can get an infection after getting a bikini wax?

Yes, if the parlour and the equipment used are not sanitary. We’re sure you don’t want an infection right before your wedding (or any other time, really), so make sure that you go to a sanitary, reputed and trusted place for bikini waxing. Also make sure that they use disposable waxing strips (none of those denim strips!), a clean wax applicator and wax that hasn’t been sitting around from before. If you feel that something is out of place, request a change or just leave! It’s better to be safe than sorry, right? 

8. Can I wax myself if I don’t want to go to a parlour?

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They say that some things are best left to professionals, and getting your bikini area waxed is one such thing. Waxing your privates is slightly more complicated than shaving, and can be unpleasant if it goes wrong. We’re pretty sure that the last thing you want before your big day is a DIY gone wrong, so get bikini waxing done from a good parlour only.

9. So she’s going to…touch me all over?

She’s just doing her job, so you have nothing to be embarrassed about! You’re going to be lying spread eagle on the table and she will have to touch you in order to apply the wax, and then hold her hand down to help with the pain. 

10. Can I get ingrown hairs down there too?

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It is quite possible to get ingrown hairs down after bikini waxing as well, especially if you wax and shave often. To prevent that, gently exfoliate the area and avoid wearing any tight clothes after bikini area waxing. Also, never shave in between bikini waxing appointments! 


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09 Nov 2016

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