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Double Hungama! These 5 BB OTT Contestants Might Make It To Bigg Boss 15 & We’re So Excited

KanupriyaKanupriya  |  Sep 17, 2021
Double Hungama! These 5 BB OTT Contestants Might Make It To Bigg Boss 15 & We’re So Excited


We are going to get the first winner of Bigg Boss OTT in just two days and it’s so freakin’ exciting! We have to say that the makers were true to their words and the show was over the top in every single way. The drama in the house began from day one and the gharwalas made sure to entertain us 24*7. That’s right, even after the lights went out, they gave us reasons to stay glued to our screen. Obviously, given these amazing six weeks of binge-watching the reality show, we’ll have quite a hard time once it’s over. Well, Bigg Boss 15 will premiere soon on TV and it’s the only thing that’s keeping us sane RN.

Currently, we have Shamita Shetty, Raqesh Bapat, Pratik Sehajpal, Divya Agarwal and Nishant Bhat in the house as the top five contestants. While only one of them will win the trophy in the grand finale, we are not sure how many players will move to BB 15. A little birdie tells us that only two of them will make it to the main house and one of them would be the winner.

But, wait a sec, two? That’s it? That’s not fair! The reality show had some amazing contestants and we want to see more than two players in the main house.

5 BB OTT Gharwalas We Want To See In Bigg Boss 15

Here are the five contestants who entertained us and grabbed our attention in BB OTT in such a way that we still haven’t got enough of them. These gharwalas should defs make it to BB 15:

Nishant Bhat


I don’t know about you, but it will be a major bummer for me if Nishant Bhat doesn’t make it to Bigg Boss 15. He is one of the best players of BB ever and his gameplay is simply terrific. He entertains, adds masala to every conversation, performs the tasks, takes a stand for himself, and does everything by the BB rulebook. We are not bored of him yet and we defs want to see his game in the main house without any connection.

Divya Agarwal


While Divya Agarwal’s journey was quite difficult as she did not have a connection in the house, it was her gameplay that won her fans’ hearts. But, we want to see her play a better game without any disadvantage this time. If we’re being honest, then there’s a strong chance that her ‘disadvantage’ on the show worked in her favour among the viewers.

Shamita Shetty OR Raqesh Bapat


That’s right, either Shamita Shetty or Raqesh Bapat should enter the main house and definitely not both of them. Every season, there are some BB couples we like and some we don’t. But, #ShaRa is the couple who does not exactly know themselves whether they like each other or not. They want to be together, they don’t want to be together, are they friends, or more than that…who the hell knows? Not them for sure. Well, their individual gameplay definitely became a mess as they were biased AF. Also, we really want to see their true personalities and that can only happen if only one of them makes it to the main house.

Nia Sharma


Nia Sharma was in the BB OTT house for just one day and that’s not fair, right? She was quite interesting, created a good rapport with everyone and was putting across her point strongly. We are sure that if she had been a part of the game, she would have defs made it to the finale. Well, we want to see her for a long time in the main house.

Urfi Javed


Urfi Javed was evicted from the show way too early and that was a major bummer. She was entertaining, funny and just getting started. We totes think that she deserves a second chance and we would love to see her in the Bigg Boss 15 house.

Hey BB, audience chahti hai that you listen to us this time!

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