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Bigg Boss: 6 Fights In The BB House That We Still Can’t Get Over

Bigg Boss: 6 Fights In The BB House That We Still Can’t Get Over

The wait is finally over as Bigg Boss 16 is almost here! We hear that the premier of the first episode is on October 1, and like everyone else, we’re over the moon. Undoubtedly one of our favourite reality TV series, Bigg Boss has long been our go-to show for entertainment. We’ve witnessed budding friendships, tedious tasks, and even heartbreaking eliminations, all of which have made this show what it is. But besides these things, another memorable part of the show, are its fights.

With so many housemates from different background and fields, fighting is inevitable. But some have turned out to be so ugly, that we can’t get over them till date. So as we wait for the new season of Bigg Boss to bless our screens, here’s a look at the biggest fights of all seasons.

Bigg Boss: Biggest Fights That Left Our Jaws Hanging

Let’s take you down memory lane as we list the most unforgettable confrontations in the Bigg Boss house!

Baap Pe Matt Jaana

Dolly Bindra was an absolute firecracker. Her unabashed honesty and IDGAF attitude was definitely the highlight of Bigg Boss season 4. She also got into several altercations with all of her fellow contestants, one of which even got her eliminated directly out of the house. However, out of all the fights she’s been in, one that stays in our mind rent free is the Dolly vs. Manoj Tiwari blowout. It all started when Manoj wanted some eggs, but was not allowed to enter the kitchen due to Dolly. He then responded with, “Kitchen kisi ki baap ka nahi.” Dolly, as we all know, wasn’t going to take this comment sitting. And she yelled back, “Baap pe matt jaana.” Honestly, we can still hear her scream in our dreams.

The Walk Out

Arch enemies, Kushal Tandon and VJ Andy were always butting heads in season 7. In one such heated argument, Kushal lost his temper and punched Andy when he made offensive comments about Gauahar Khan, who was romantically linked to the actor during the show. This altercation led to Kushal being evicted from the Bigg Boss house for his his violent behaviour. And guess what? Gauahar joined him in protest and left the show too!

kushal and Gauahar

It’s Hurting Me, Bigg Boss

Tasks can bring out the nastiest versions’ of people and this fight between Gautam Gulati and Karishma Tanna is proof. The task at hand was for some housemates to force the others to get out of the seat, in order to get admission in the main Bigg Boss house. While performing the task, Karishma’s competitive spirit turned into hostility when she began chafing chili powder and paste onto his face. This led to Gautam losing his cool and he started to yell as well as hurl abuses at Karishma.


It wouldn’t be wrong if we said Swami Om was one of the most controversial contestants of the Bigg Boss house During his stint in season 10 of the show, Swami Om was asked to leave as his antics didn’t go well with host, Salman Khan. In one of the most viewed episodes of Bigg Boss, the self-proclaimed Godman threw urine on his fellow contestants! That’s right—not only did Swami Om pass nasty comments, but he also crossed all limits as he collected his urine in a bowl and threw it on Bani J and Rohan Mehra. This incident led to him being locked by the housemates and eventually led to his elimination.

Piping Hot

Remember when Rashami Desai threw tea on Sidharth Shukla? The two had a rocky relationship in Bigg Boss 13, and during one of their lows, Sidharth and Rashami had a fight, after which she threw her cup of tea on him. Sidharth, too retaliated and repeated the same thing. This incident left everyone’s jaw hanging (including ours), and the two were later schooled by Salman in Bigg Boss Weekend Ka Vaar episode.

What Is This Behaviour

Every Bigg Boss fan is aware of Pooja Misra’s infamous fight with Shonali Nagrani. This iconic combat between the two women became a global meme and has people (including actors like Janhvi Kapoor) recreating the words exchanged in the fight. “I kicked it by mistake,” “You are asking for it! You are dying for it,” and “Get off my back,” are now words etched into our dictionaries because of Pooja. But, hey, we’re not complaining.

Well, we can’t wait too see what new showdowns Bigg Boss 16 has to offer now.

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23 Sep 2022

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