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Bigg Boss 16: Sajid Khan Is Not Being His True Self & We Know It’s A Charade

Bigg Boss 16: Sajid Khan Is Not Being His True Self & We Know It’s A Charade

Unlike past seasons, Bigg Boss 16 has started on a turbo speed and it’s only going to get wilder. The memo is simple—you snooze, you lose! And while all the contestants hustle to retain their place in the house, there is one on an entirely different mission. We are, of course, talking about Sajid Khan—Bigg Boss 16’s most problematic contestant

During the premiere episode, Sajid made a grand entry into the house. The man was full of promises as he feigned humility and talked about his ruined film career. The filmmaker even discussed how he has been sitting at home for four years now because of his “arrogance” and “flop” movies. No points for guessing that he missed out on mentioning all the #MeToo allegations that actually maligned his name and got him kicked out of Housefull 4.

While Sajid might conveniently forget everything that transpired in the last four years and act like a victim now, we remember. And we can see through his charade. Here’s why we aren’t buying his goodie two-shoe act in the Bigg Boss 16 house:

Voot: Sajid Khan Bigg Boss 16

Sajid Khan’s God Complex

On Saturday night, Sajid took over the Bigg Boss 16 premiere stage to announce his entry into the house. The man reeked of arrogance as he talked about big TV shows and blockbuster movies that he made in the past. Throughout the conversation, he also kept talking about how he needed to be a “nicer” and “humbler” person. Well, when you say things like that you are implying that you are already “nice” and “humble,” right? Oh, and we aren’t reading too much into it. He legit implied that while talking about Farah Khan’s message to him. Sajid shared, “She told me, ‘Jis tarah se tere family aur friends tujhe jante hain, waise rehna. Tera ek nature hai hasane ka, kabhi kabhi offensive humour bhi ho jata hai but dil se tu bahut achcha (You are funny but sometimes your humour gets offensive. But your family and friends know a beautiful side of you. You are a beautiful person by heart.) Who talks like that yaar?!

Once A Douchebag, Always A Douchebag

Yesterday, Bigg Boss asked Sajid to become Abdu Rozik’s translator and help him communicate with everyone. Sajid, of course, took that opportunity to crack random jokes which lacked empathy and could have made anyone pretty uncomfortable. Kudos to Abdu for taking it like a sport but no points for Sajid ‘coz he was just being his natural self—a douchebag.

Voot: Sajid Khan Bigg Boss 16

The Elephant In The Room

So, your career was ruined and now you are nice, humble, and just the right amount of sad? But, aren’t we missing a link here? Who is going to talk about why Sajid’s career got ruined in the first place? For how long will he keep narrating this one-sided, carefully edited story? Is he never going to address the elephant in the room? Is he never going to address #MeToo? Ummm….sounds wrong to us! You know what would be epic though? All those women who accused him of sexually harassment entering the Bigg Boss 16 house as wild card entries!

If you ask us, Sajid’s sad puppy act on national TV is just hogwash! Here’s hoping other contestants in the Bigg Boss 16 house are smart enough to see Sajid for who he truly is.

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04 Oct 2022

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