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Bigg Boss 16 November 24 Day 54 Promo: Shalin Bhanot Asks Sumbul Touqeer To Stay Away

Bigg Boss 16 November 24 Day 54 Promo: Shalin Bhanot Asks Sumbul Touqeer To Stay Away

Lately, Bigg Boss 16 feels like the Sumbul Touqeer show and not in a good way. The Imlie actress looks unhinged right now and we have been trying our best to keep up with her. The most unsettling bit? She continues hanging out with Shalin Bhanot and Tina Dutta even after constantly getting warned against it. While Sumbul might not be done with them yet, the latest Bigg Boss promo suggests that Shalin and Tina are finally tired of Sumbul.

In the latest Bigg Boss 16 promo, Shalin loses his temper at Sumbul. He yells and says, “Why are you talking to us? Dur raho naa. Dimag khrab kar rahi ho. (Stay away. You are ruining my peace) ” The actor also kicks a table in anger. Meanwhile, Tina also looks irritated by all the allegations that she has to face because of Sumbul.


That’s not all, as per the latest teaser, Sumbul’s Imlie co-star Fahmaan Khan is going to enter the house tonight. In an earlier interview, Fahmaan confirmed that he has no plans to stay in the Bigg Boss house but he is going in to support Sumbul. The actor said, “I would not like to give any tip or advice to Sumbul. I will wish her all the best and say that win and come back. I will just say hi and hug her. She’s doing fine in the game, jaisa kar rahi hai Accha kar rahi hai, karne do Usko. (Whatever she is doing, she is doing fine and we should let her play according to her).”

So far, Bigg Boss has given Sumul more than enough chances to improve her game. However, she has wasted every single opportunity due to her shilly-shallying. NGL, we have grown tired of how the actress is failing to figure out her place in Bigg Boss

Let’s hope Sumbul picks up the pace in Bigg Boss 16 ‘coz so far she has only disappointed the fans.

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24 Nov 2022

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