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Bigg Boss 16 November 24 Day 54 Live Written Updates: Phone Call From Sumbul’s Father Leaves Tina Furious

Bigg Boss 16 November 24 Day 54 Live Written Updates: Phone Call From Sumbul’s Father Leaves Tina Furious

We witnessed changing dynamics and contestants redefining the word ‘loyalty’ in the Bigg Boss 16 house. Nasty fights, back bitching, and fake love stories… contestants are leaving no stone unturned. But looks like things have gotten pretty ugly in today’s episode. As per the promo, we can see Shalin Bhanot and Tina Dutta breaking things inside the house and aggressively asking Sumbul to stay away from them. And that’s not it, looks like there’s a new captaincy task in the BB house. In case you missed out on all the drama, here are all the Bigg Boss 16, day 54 live updates for you. Stay tuned!  


The day starts with contestants singing the Bigg Boss anthem.


Shalin discusses with Nimrit and Sajid that Tina wants to be the captain this time and wants everyone’s support. Nimrit gets angry that Tina is not trusting them and puts condition every time by asking for a guarantee. Shalin then goes on to ask Nimrit to if she can say that she wants Tina to be the next captain but Nimrit refuses. Nimrit then walks off. At the end Shalin tells Tina to sort it out if Nimrit comes to her.


Nimrit puts her point forward in front of Shalin that she can’t promise that she won’t compete in the captaincy race.


Priyanka tells Ankit that she won’t play fair today just the way Sajid did.


Shalin tells Nimrit that Tina was upset and even cried. Tina then tells Nimrit that she is irked with her snappy attitude. Nimrit then tells Shalin that she’s not happy with Tina’s behaviour.


Sajid tells Shiv that they should keep on fighting for the captaincy, irrespective of others participating or not.


Sajid asks that how is this game played then Ankit tells him that it all depends on the voting.


Bigg Boss tells the housemates that there are different ways to express displeasure which can be seen in different relationships throughout the house. Then he tells them that Sumbul’s dad called by citing health issues and that he wanted to talk to her. The whole conversation is played out in front of the housemates.


After the phone call ends, BB scolds Sumbul and tells the hosuemates that he feels used by Sumbul’s dad as instead of talking about his health he tells her about the outside world. Bigg Boss tells them he found it unfair to hide this conversation from the them.


Shalin looses his cool and shouts at Sumbul to stay away from them. Tina says that is not the way to put allegations on someone else’s daughter. Shalin then goes on to kick a box kept on the coffee table. Housemates try to calm the situation down.


Shiv and other housemates try to console Sumbul and that she should stay away from them from now on. Tina is furious that her father went on to assassinate her character.


Sumbul tries to justify that she was not able to hear her father’s word clearly. She tells Shiv that I want nothing from them. Shalin and Tina then put their case forward in front of others.


Sumbul says that they have also said bad words for her and any father will feel bad and take such steps.


Shalin confronts Sumbul that why did her father say such things. Sumbul then tells that I’ve stopped sitting with you and Tina. Sumbul tells Tina that her father saw what she said about her.


Nimrit tries to explain Sumbul that she should have acted differently and stopped hanging out if such conversation took place. Sumbul cries and tells Shiv that how far can she stay away if they are living under the same room.


Sajid then tells Sumbul that she should not have danced with them in the morning. Sumbul hyperventilates and Nimrit asks Bigg Boss to get Sumbul medical attention.


Shiv, Nimrit, and Sajid consoles Sumbul and tell her to rest. Priyanka then discusses with Sajid that if after all this she does not change herself then its her call.


Tina punches a wall and tells that this is not justified and Sumbul and her father’s character assassination is not right. Tina goes on to rant that her father could have taken the same route but he did not.


Sumbul is called in to the medical room. Tina says that if Sumbul wants to stay with Shalin then she can and she’s not interested in him.


Both Tina and Shalin fight among themselves. Tina says that she is petrified that whatever happened can ruin her image. Shalin then says that he has been equally targeted and he has more to loose.


Tina requests Sumbul to stay away and keep their opinion to themselves. Sumbul cries and tells that her image is also getting tarnished because of this. Sumbul tells Tina that her calling Sumbul obsessed with Shalin ruined everything.


Sajid then advices Sumbul to sit with them when they are in a group as Sumbul’s father might link them too. Sumbul then requests Tina to go away as she does not want to talk to her.


Archana, Soundarya, and Priyanka discuss that the matter is very serious and it is time for Sumbul to come to her senses after all of this.


Archana and Soundarya can be seen having fun in the kitchen.


Shalin asks Sumbul when did this phone called happen. Sajid then tells Sumbul to apologize and part ways. Sumbul then goes on to say sorry and Tina says that the damage has been done. Then she apologizes to Shalin too.


Tina then tells everyone that after the fight Sumbul goes and sleeps with Shalin on the same bed. Everyone then asks her why she did this and she has no answer. Sajid then tells Shalin that he is equally at fault and Shalin himself should have changed the bed.


Bigg Boss asks Sajid what he had for dinner and then if she likes fish. Then BB asks Tina if she is likes fish. He then calls everyone in the garden area and tells them to stand on the boat.


BB tells them that apart from Shiv, only Nimrit and Tina have a chance to be the next captain. He then says that if everyone wants to compete, then they have to make sure that they replace the pictures of favourites on the board.


BB explains the task where they must catch fish as fast as possible. MC Stan is the supervisor for the round and his decision is the final one.


Housemates discuss strategies and who should be made the next captain.


First buzzer is pressed. Ankit, Sumbul, and Soundarya go in the first round and are supposed to fill only one basket. Stan rejects non-favourites basket and keeps Royal people’s basket in the cold storage.  


Nimrit and Soundarya get into a heated argument regarding the task. For the next round, teams are supposed to fill five baskets. Soundarya, Priyanka, and Ankit are sent for this round. MC Stan disqualifies non-favourites from this round and keeps the other team’s basket in cold storage.


Everyone is upset with Archana as because of her they got disqualified from the round.


Tina, Shiv, and Nimrit are still in the captaincy race. Archana then gets into a heated argument with rest of the housemates. Sajid charges towards Archana and is stopped by other housemates. Later, Archana gets into an argument with Shiv and Sumbul.

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