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Bigg Boss 16 November 24 Day 54 Highlights: A Captaincy Task That Turns Ugly

Bigg Boss 16 November 24 Day 54 Highlights: A Captaincy Task That Turns Ugly

Man, toady’s episode of Bigg Boss 16 was one hell of a ride. The episode was filled with some nasty fights, name calling and a fun task that turned into a complete disaster, as always. But it did leave us with some answers, like who’s the new captain and will Sumbul again mediate things with Shalin and Tina. In case you missed out on today’s episode, then don’t worry as we have all the highlights from Bigg Boss 16 episode 54.

Nimrit & Tina Get Into An Argument

At the beginning of the episode, Tina and Nimrit gets into an argument. Tina keeps on asking for assurance from Sajid and gang for her captaincy. This irks Nirmti as she thinks that Tina is still questioning her loyalty even after she has stood by her side since day one. Nimrit then tells Tina that she can’t back out of captaincy race and would like to compete fairly. Shalin at the end tries to mediate between the two and asks them to hug and sort it out.

Sumbul Gets Into An Ugly Fight

Things have been pretty sensitive between Sumbul and Shalin, with the former being advised by everyone, including Salman Khan to maintain distance with the Naagin actor. In today’s episode, Bigg Boss played out the clip of the phone call that took place between Sumbul and her father. In the clip, Sumbul’s dad can be heard advising Sumbul on how to play her game. This didn’t sit well with BB, and he scolded Sumbul for the same. Well, this phone call angered Shalin and Tina, who further verbally bashed Sumbul. Housemates tried to calm the situation down and advised the Imli actress to part ways with the couple for good. But will Sumbul finally move on, only time will tell!

New Captaincy Task

Bigg Boss introduced a new captaincy task. This time even the non-favourites got an opportunity to fight for the Raja-Rani position against Shiv, Tina, and Nimrit. Non-favourites were given a chance to remove the trio from the captaincy race, however they were unbale to do so. MC Stand, who was the supervisor, declared the other team as the winner. At the end, everyone gets into a heated argument with Archana as she calls MC Stan’s decision biased. Sajid tries to hit Archana but is stopped by other housemates. Then Archana is seeing arguing with Shiv and Sumbul.  

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24 Nov 2022

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