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Bigg Boss 16 November 23 Day 53 Live Written Updates: Sajid & Archana Lock Horns During The Ration Task

Bigg Boss 16 November 23 Day 53 Live Written Updates: Sajid & Archana Lock Horns During The Ration Task

After an interesting nominations task last night, things are about to get even more dramatic in the Bigg Boss 16 house. We’ve witnessed the most shifting dynamics and fake friendships this season. Now as per the promo, things will get ugly tonight between “besties” Priyanka Chahar Choudhary and Ankit Gupta. Amidst the drama, a thrilling ration task will also take place. Exciting, right? In case you miss out on the episode tonight, we’ve got all the Bigg Boss 16 day 53 live updates for you. Stay tuned!

09:48 PM

Sajid tells Shalin and Shiv that Archana should just be ignored and that she has no public support. 

09:51 PM

Ankit gets coffee for Priyanka and she taunts him for pampering her for the first time. She claims that she has been doing the same for Ankit every day. Ankit gets annoyed with Priyanka for taunting him and tells Archana that Priyanka is always correct right everyone else is wrong. This infuriates Priyanka, and they argue.

09:54 PM

Later, Priyanka approaches Ankit and explains to him why she is upset with him. Ankit tells her that it was simply a joke and she shouldn’t take everything so seriously. On the other hand, Archana fights with Tina and Nimrit for starting their cooking duty late. 

09:58 PM

The argument between Priyanka and Ankit continues. She expresses her displeasure with how he made fun of her with Archana. Ankit responds by reminding her that she does the same. Priyanka tells him that she is the one who fights his battles. Ankit is in no mood to entertain her and simply informs her that he has never asked her to do anything for him. 

10:02 PM

Since Ankit isn’t even entertaining Priyanka, she concludes that he doesn’t consider her a friend and begins sobbing. The argument ends with Priyanka walking out of the room. On the other side of the house, Archana is interfering with everyone’s chores.

10:05 PM

Bigg Boss announces a new ration task! The housemates are supposed to go ration shopping with a makeshift truck. Captain Shiv Thakare is the driver, and he must hit the brake as a signal for the housemates from each bedroom to come to the market and grab as many groceries as they can until he blows the horn to signal them to stop. The leftover ration will all go to Shiv. 

10:09 PM

The ration task starts! The contestants try to grab as much ration as they can till Shiv blows the horn. During the task, Archana compares Shiv’s captaincy to Sajid and says that Shiv is a “fair Raja”. The other contestants stand up for Sajid and start arguing with her. 

10:15 PM

The ration task comes to an end and Sajid is still not over Archana’s comment. Things escalate when Archana mentions Sajid’s father in the conversation. The director is enraged and starts yelling at her. The politician adds fuel to the fire by sarcastically calling Sajid the “best director in the industry.” Sajid starts hurling abuses at her.

10:20 PM

The other contestants attempt to calm Sajid down by telling him that Archana was sent into the house solely to provoke others. Sajid requests Bigg Boss to remove Archana from the house since she is overdoing it. 

10:24 PM

Soundarya and Priyanka ask Archana to go and apologise to the director. However, she refuses to do so. Bigg Boss calls Sajid to the medical room. 

10:29 PM

Nimrit tries to explain to Sajid that while Archana will continue to provoke people, they must maintain their stance. MC Stan, Shiv, and Nimrit discuss that Soundarya is senseless and she’s neither here nor there. 

10:33 PM

Sajid blames Bigg Boss for bringing Archana back into the house and encouraging her behaviour. 

10:36 PM

After the ration task, Archana and Soundarya get into a fight when the former denies Soundarya an item from her grocery haul. Soundarya, who is vegan, reminds her that she brings regular milk for Archana rather than vegan alternatives for herself and is mocked for doing so.

10:38 PM

Sajid refuses to eat till BB makes a decision on Archana. On the other hand, Ankit makes amends with Priyanka. MC Stan and Shiv console a crying Sajid. 

10:41 PM

Sajid tells MC Stan and Shiv stories from his childhood. He tells them about the difficulties he faced after his father’s demise. The director then refuses to eat and asks BB to call him into the confession room. 

10:45 PM

Soundarya comes to Archana in order to make amends. She tells the politician that she must accept responsibility when it is her fault. They hug and mend their relationship.

10:48 PM

Shiv, Sumbul, and Shalin mock Soundarya for her double standards. Later, Bigg Boss summons Shiv and Nimrit into the confession room and asks them to explain what happened in the house. BB tells them this is not the first time something like this has happened and that Sajid is overreacting. He condemns Sajid’s protest to not eat. 

10:52 PM

Bigg Boss asks Shiv and Nimrit to talk to Sajid. They finally convince the director to eat. 

10:56 PM

The contestants decorate the garden area for Sajid’s birthday. Meanwhile, Soundarya tries to sort things out between Priyanka and Ankit. 

10:59 PM

Soundarya’s attempts go in vain when the two still continue to fight and Priyanka starts sobbing. She tells Ankit that he doesn’t even care about her. 

11:02 PM

Later in the night, Ankit calms Priyanka down by carrying her and tucking her in bed. However, Priyanka loses her calm again when Ankit jokes that she’s using him for content. But they finally make up.

That’s all for tonight folks!

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