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Bigg Boss 16 November 23 Day 53 Highlights: Has Priyanka & Ankit’s Friendship Run Its Course? 

Bigg Boss 16 November 23 Day 53 Highlights: Has Priyanka & Ankit’s Friendship Run Its Course? 

The Bigg Boss 16 house never ceases to amaze us. Just when we think that things cannot get any more masaledaar, the contestants prove us wrong. Take, for instance, tonight’s episode which was an emotional rollercoaster of rage, betrayal, and overreaction. So, in case you missed out on any of it, we’ve got you covered with all the Bigg Boss 16 day 53 highlights. Scroll down:

Can Priyanka Just Calm Down? 

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Priyanka Chahar Choudhary was displeased with Ankit Gupta as she thought that he made her feel obliged by simply bringing her a cup of coffee for the first time. Ankit’s amusing response to the argument irritated Priyanka, who reminded him that she has always stood by him. Unfazed, Ankit clarified that he has never asked her to fight for him. Priyanka continued to blame him for not caring about her throughout the day. TBH, Priyanka just needs to let the poor guy live in peace.

Sajid & Archana Lock Horns During The Ration Task 

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Bigg Boss announced a thrilling task for the contestants in order to obtain ration for the week. Shiv Thakare, the captain, was in charge of determining how much each room would receive. During the task, Archana Gautam called Shiv “the fairest captain” in an attempt to provoke ex-captain Sajid Khan. When Archana brought up Sajid’s father in the conversation, things got heated. The director lost his cool, kicked a stool in frustration, and hurled abuses at Archana.

Archana & Soundarya Feel Betrayed By Each Other 

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Over the last few weeks, Archana and Soundarya Sharma have become really good friends. However, things went downhill in tonight’s episode when Archana denied Soundarya an item from her grocery haul. Soundarya reminded her that she always brings regular milk for Archana instead of opting for vegan alternatives for herself and got taunted in return. The heated argument resulted in the two talking over each other. In the end, the two women hugged and sorted out their differences. 

Bigg Boss Calls Out The Contestants’ Double Standards 

Although a lot went down in tonight’s episode, our favourite part was when Bigg Boss called out the contestants’ double standards and Sajid’s overreaction. Following his fight with Archana, Sajid protested by refusing to eat until BB called him into the confession room. But BB paid no heed to Sajid’s requests. In fact, he called Shiv and Nimrit Kaur into the confession room and told them that fights like this were common in the house and that they shouldn’t back Sajid. When Shiv asked Bigg Boss to give in to Sajid’s demands, BB reminded them that if Archana had protested in the same way, none of them would have entertained her. Way to go, Bigg Boss! 

Do you think Archana Gautam was at fault in tonight’s episode? Stay tuned for more Bigg Boss 16 updates!

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24 Nov 2022

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