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Bigg Boss 16 Episode 4 Live Updates: MC Stan Wants To Leave The BB House

Bigg Boss 16 Episode 4 Live Updates: MC Stan Wants To Leave The BB House

Bigg Boss 16 has already stunned the contestants and the fans with many twists and turns. TBH, we seriously cannot wait to see how many more surprises BB has planned for us. In just three days, the Bigg Boss 16 contestants have already divided themselves into groups. We’re already witnessing catfights, misunderstandings, and major drama! 

If you’re not able to keep up with all that has been going on, we’ve got your back! We are here to give you live updates from the Bigg Boss house, on what went down in episode 4! 

9:47 PM

The contestants start their day by gathering in the garden and singing the new BB anthem!

9:50 PM

The day starts with a minor fight when Manya Singh gets into an argument with Archana after she refuses to help her with cleaning. The other contestants discuss that Manya has taken the nominations too personally.

9:54 PM

Shiv tries to advice Manya to just concentrate on her house chores. Manya says that she thinks Nimrit and others are playing against her. She compares herself to TV serial actors and says that she’s worked much harder than them.

9:58 PM

Nimrit is called into the confession room. She says that she has a problem with Priyanka trying to do the housework since only three contestants have been asked to work. Bigg Boss asks her to remove one “mahaan” contestant from the punishment and to give it to Priyanka. Nimrit chooses to relieve Manya of the punishment.

10:00 PM

Nimrit tells the contestants that now Priyanka, Soundarya, and Tina will do all the household chores. This leads to a small argument between Priyanka and Nimrit.

10:01 PM

Bigg Boss asks Sajid to perform a stand-up comedy act in order to entertain the other contestants. If he succeeds, he will be rewarded with a “vishesh adhikaar“.

10:03 PM

Manya is seen backbiting about Sumbul to Archana. She says that everyone is trying to become the next Shehnaaz and Siddharth.

10:05 PM

Abdu jumps into the pool and starts swimming. Priyanka has some fun with him and tells him to give a “hot pose” when he comes out of the pool. Tina then flirts with Abdu and asks him to have a candlelight dinner with her in the Bigg Boss house.

10:06 PM

Sajid Khan starts his stand-up show. He starts by introducing each contestant in a funny way and by taking subtle digs at them.

10:09 PM

Sajid is still not over Shalin nominating him. Even during his stand-up, he lightly teases Shalin about betraying him.

10:13 PM 

Sajid Khan finishes his stand-up comedy. Bigg Boss asks the contestants to come into a booth and express with a thumbs up or down whether they liked or disliked Sajid’s performance. 

10:14 PM 

While everyone gives him a thumbs up, Shalin gives him a thumbs down and says that he didn’t like what Sajid said about him. Priyanka also gives him a thumbs down because she thinks that Sajid is holding grudges. 

10:15 PM

Bigg Boss announces a new change in the house. All the groceries will be kept separately in the house. Since Sajid succeeded in the stand-up, he’s given a responsibility to divide the groceries among the contestants. They can eat only what they’ve got.

10:17 PM

Sajid and Shalin get into an argument yet again. Shalin accuses Sajid of holding onto things. Sajid says that he doesn’t trust him anymore and he needs time to win his trust back.

10:19 PM

Manya says that she gave Sajid a thumbs up only for the sake of it and she actually felt bad about what he said about her during the stand-up.

10:21 PM

Sajid gives all the chicken to Shalin. This angers the other contestants. They ask Sajid to equally divide the chicken. Shalin says that he doesn’t want any fruits or vegetables, but to let him keep the chicken.

10:25 PM

Bigg Boss calls Shalin, Gautam, and Sreejita to the confession room. Bigg Boss confirms that Shalin has a medical condition and needs a certain amount of protein. However, BB also says that they’ve given over 3 kgs and Shalin doesn’t need so much. Bigg Boss wants all the housemates to know the entire truth and he’ll make sure they do.

10:30 PM

Shalin and Sreejita get into an argument as the latter accuses him of lying about his medical condition. Shalin accuses Bigg Boss of creating problems.

10:32 PM

MC Stan and Priyanka get into an argument about the distribution of the groceries.

10:34 PM

Shiv and Soundarya get into a fight over coffee. Soundarya accuses him of disrespecting her, which leads to a massive fight between the two.

10:38 PM 

Sumbul cries over how others are fighting over food. Shiv is also seen crying as he is hurt about being accused of disrespecting women. Later, Shiv goes to apologise to Soundarya but she rejects his apology since she thinks he doesn’t mean it. 

10:45 PM 

Gautam challenges Abdu to go and steal some food for him. Abdu steals an egg from Sajid and gives it to Gautam. 

10:48 PM

MC Stan confesses to Sreejita and Archana that he’s not getting the right “vibe” in the Bigg Boss house and he wants to leave.

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04 Oct 2022

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