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The Bigg Boss VIPs Have Been Downgraded & Here’s Why It’s Such A ‘Kaleje Ko Thandak’ Moment For Us

Hey, Bigg Boss viewers, we have a rather concerning update. To our utter dismay, we have been told that Rakhi Sawant will now be the reigning queen of the Bigg Boss house. As you already know, the actress has won the Ticket To Finale task and she has earned unconditional power and immunity as a result of the same. However, we do have some succour for your sinking heart. Rakhi’s autonomy in the house comes with an upside–the dissolution of the VIP and the non VIP format! Yes, you read that right, there are not going to be any VIPs from now on in the Bigg Boss house and we can’t begin telling you how happy it makes us. Actually, ‘happy’ is an understatement. As loyal BB viewers, we are elated right now and here’s why it is a legit ‘kaleje ko thandak‘ moment for us all:

Show Us What You Got (Read, Nothing)


All this while, the VIPs aka wildcards have been enjoying a nice freeloading experience in the house. They haven’t been doing any chores, barking orders to the non VIPs, and enjoying all the privileges of the VIP room. With their VIP tags gone now, it would be interesting to see what they bring to the table which we suspect is not much. Abhijit Bichukale, for instance, is always seen stationed on his messy bed while Ritesh Singh and Rakhi Sawant lounge in the VIP room. Meanwhile, Devoleena Bhattacharjee can be seen walking around the house with the air of a queen. NGL, it will bring us immense pleasure to see them all slogging just like the rest of the housemates. More importantly, we’d like to see if they have got any substance at all.

Bigg Boss Chahte Hain Ki Aap Apne Bags Pack Kar Lein


TBH, it has been pretty myopic on the BB makers part to rope in ex-contestants for the show, the same people who could not win the previous seasons as well. That should have been proof enough that the audience doesn’t care about them that much. However, what has been irking us the most is the unconditional immunity that the VIPs have been enjoying in the house. It is quite apparent that almost all of them don’t stand a chance when competing against the contestants who have been in the house since Day 1 of Bigg Boss 15. At some level, the wildcards know this as well and that explains why they have been trying to sabotage every task that leads to the non VIPs earning their money back. However, it has happened and both the teams are at the same level now. Well, our recommendation to these ex VIPs would be that they start packing their bags stat ‘coz the countdown has begun!

Lastly, any bets on who’d be the first one among the VIPs to leave the house? Ritesh Singh would be our guess. What about you fam?

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10 Dec 2021

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