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Dhokha! Shamita Shetty Betrays Her Team After Getting Provoked By The New Mastermind Of The House

khushboo sharmakhushboo sharma  |  Oct 7, 2021
Bigg Boss


Not even a week has passed since the beginning of Bigg Boss 15 and things are already getting intense in the house. Brownie points need to be given to the BB makers here for dividing the contestants into teams (i.e. gharwalas and junglewalas) and thus sowing discord among them. As you might be aware, while Shamita Shetty, Pratik Sehajpal, and Nishant Bhat are currently staying in the cozy BB 15 house, the remaining 13 are still living in the jungle sans any comforts or facilities. For the junglewalas, the aim is now to find their way inside the house and earlier this week Bigg Boss gave them a task for the same.

In the very first task of the season, junglewalas were asked to create a path towards the house with the help of a map sent by Bigg Boss. Meanwhile, the gharwalas were given the task of destroying their plan if they wanted to enjoy the perks of being the only three who have the access to the main house. Pratik being Pratik was quick to hide the map after reading the instructions which led to an ugly showdown between the two teams. Well, we were almost sure that the junglewalas will never find their way inside the house until a recent development that has left us equal parts shocked and amused. Here’s everything that you need to know about it:

Say Hello To The New Mastermind


After taking it slow for a couple of days to understand the house, Karan Kundra just played his first masterstroke. He has been trying to convince the gharwalas to give him the map and finally gave an ultimatum to them last night by threatening to take away all their luggage. In fact, he legit stole Pratik’s suitcase before telling Shamita that hers is next if the junglewalas don’t get the map. This worked like a charm and instantly left Shamita running to Pratik and Nishant and asking them to give away the map.

Shock Laga! Shamita Shetty’s Betrayal


Pratik has been trying to have things his way since day one in the BB 15 house and while Shamita has been supporting him throughout. But she finally snapped last night and told him that not everything is going to happen as per his whims. When he refused to share the map with junglewalas even after Karan’s dhamki, she screamed at Pratik and said, “Har cheej mein teri manmaani nahi chalegi.” This led to the two getting into a verbal spat and deciding to play as individuals instead of a team. Following this, Shamita went ahead and gave the hidden map to Karan Kundra leaving both Nishant and Pratik visibly furious. This move will certainly change the dynamics of the house and we’d get to know what happens next in tonight’s episode.

That said, it is kinda impressive to see that Shamita has learned from her BB OTT mistakes and is trying to make up for them by actually participating in the game. Rest assured, things are about to get wild in the Bigg Boss 15 house and we cannot wait for the madness to unfold.

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