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Absolutely Shocking! 5 Bigg Boss 15 Eliminations That Were Totally Unfair

Absolutely Shocking! 5 Bigg Boss 15 Eliminations That Were Totally Unfair

Bigg Boss 15 will definitely go down as one of the most entertaining seasons in the history of the BB world. With a mixed bag of contestants, this season didn’t fail to provide us with tons of laughs along with several shocking moments. We witnessed everything, from catfights to budding romances that kept us glued to our screens from start to finish.

However, if there’s something we’re still processing, it’s the number of unfair eliminations. While we’re really happy that Tejasswi Prakash held the cup in the Bigg Boss 15 finale episode, there were more than a handful of contestants who were voted out before their time. So, before the start of the new chapter, here’s a look at the 5 most unbelievable eliminations of season 15.

5 Eliminations Of Bigg Boss 15 That Left Us Shocked

Let’s go down memory lane, shall we? Here are 5 evictions of Bigg Boss 15 that had us screaming with disbelief.

Jay Bhanushali

If there was one Bigg Boss contestant who stole our hearts since day one of the show, it’s Jay. Honest and full of heart, he managed to carve a special place in the audience’s hearts. However, time and again he was schooled for ‘not doing anything’ in the house. Many of his fans still believe that this angle was pushed on him and that he was unfairly treated, which led to his eviction.

Jay Bhanushali - bigg boss 15 elimination

Simba Nagpal

Fans of Bigg Boss Season 15 were more than furious when the makers announced that Simba was evicted from the house. The Shakti – Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki actor was also voted out from the show because he was never a part of any ‘ghar ka mudda.’ Following his eviction, many users took to social media to voice out their concerns. Well, we totally understand why the audience was angry by this elimination.

Simba Nagpal - bigg boss 15 elimination

Umar Riaz

We don’t think there has been a bigger uproar regarding any vote out as the Umar Riaz Bigg Boss 15 eviction. Umar garnered tremendous affection during his stint in the show, before he was ousted for flouting house rules and indulging in a physical fight. Post his unceremonious exit from the reality series, his fans argued that many contestants before Umar also got into violent encounters. But they were given a free pass, while Umar was unfairly treated. NGL, we defs believe the same as we think Umar’s actions could have been done away with a warning. And if wasn’t labeled as ‘violent’, we defs think he would’ve been the one lifting the cup in the finale.

Umar Riaz - bigg boss 15 elimination

Urfi Javed 

Urfi was the first contestant to leave the BB OTT house and that elimination was hella disappointing. Her bubbly personality and unfiltered responses won people over and TBH, it would have been so amazing to watch her throughout the rest of the season. All her fans, including us, were eagerly waiting for her return because we thought she’d come back with a vengeance for Zeeshan (“her partner”), who randomly ditched her mid-week for Divya Agarwal. And although we’re disappointed that this social media sensation didn’t come back to the BB house, we’re happy to have witnessed Urfi’s magic, even if it was for just a week.

Urfi Javed - bigg boss 15 elimination

Donal Bisht & Vidhi Pandya

In a shocking twist, Bigg Boss 15 saw a double elimination in one of it’s most viewed episodes. Donal and Vidhi were evicted by all the contestants through mutual agreement. However, fans of the show believed that this happened because the girls were soft targets as they hadn’t managed to gel with others in the house. This led to everyone calling their eviction unfair and we totally agree!

Donal Bisht & Vidhi Pandya - bigg boss 15 elimination

Well, these were the Bigg Boss 15 evictions that totally left us shocked. Were there any we missed out on?

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23 Sep 2022

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