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Divya Agarwal Is All Set To Be A Part Of Bigg Boss 15 But Iss Kahaani Mein Thoda Twist Hai!

khushboo sharmakhushboo sharma  |  Sep 30, 2021


Hey Bigg Boss OTT fans, it is time to rejoice because something major has just happened. In the past few weeks, we have all wondered why Divya Agarwal is not a part of Bigg Boss 15 when all of her fellow finalists have been offered a spot? Many have even called out the makers of the show for being biased against her and deliberately leaving Divya out so that they can make their favourite contestant win season 15. Well, guess what? Turns out that Divya is going to be a part of Bigg Boss 15 after all and here’s everything that you need to know about the latest development:

A Dhamakedaar Bigg Boss 15 Entry On Cards For Divya Agarwal?

As per information shared by an insider from the Bigg Boss team, not only is Divya Agarwal going to be a part of BB 15 but she will also be making a rather interesting entry. As the winner of the show’s prequel, she has been exempted from facing the discomforts of the jungle unlike the rest of the contestants. The insider has revealed that Divya has earned a direct entry in the cushy BB house. In fact, she would be the one who opens the doors upon the arrival of her fellow housemates when they have finally crossed the hurdles of the jungle. Now, that really does sound like a dhamakedaar entry, right?

But Does It Make Any Sense?


Not gonna lie, the update has us equal parts confused and excited. This is because Divya has already defeated three of the contestants (Shamita Shetty, Nishant Bhat, and Pratik Sehajpal) who have been confirmed for BB 15. It is kinda obvious that the same audience that made her win will vote for her again unless the TV version of the show has an entirely different set of viewers. After all, Bigg Boss OTT has just ended and Divya is literally the star of the moment. That said, we are glad that makers have finally taken a fair call because no one deserves a direct spot in BB 15 more than her right now.

Rest assured, things are going to get hella excited from here and we can already imagine the look on Pratik, Shamita, and Nishant’s faces when Divya finally makes her grand entry!

Featured image: Instagram