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From Eijaz Khan To Rubina Dilaik, We Are Putting Our Best Bets On These BB 14 Contestants

From Eijaz Khan To Rubina Dilaik, We Are Putting Our Best Bets On These BB 14 Contestants

With so many shows getting shelved and shootings being stalled due to the current pandemic, the past seven-eight months have been quite a dry spell for TV fanatics. And if you happen to be a TV geek just like us, you will totally understand this when we say that the curse was finally lifted this weekend with the premiere of Bigg Boss 14. 

I think we say this for all Bigg Boss fans when we say that the past two days have been pretty good, entertainment-wise. After a slew of sloppy film releases and no TV excitement to look forward to in the past few months, we finally have entertainment that can keep us nicely distracted. And while we are slightly disappointed with the fact that Radhe Maa hasn’t entered the show as a contestant (Don’t at me!), we have already started putting our money on some of the contestants. Wonder who they might be? Read on: 

Eijaz Khan


Iconic TV stars have always had a huge stake on the Bigg Boss trophy and by that logic, Eijaz is, of course, looking at a long inning in the house. He was seen in cult TV shows like Kavyanjali and Kyaa Hoga Nimmo Kaa. He has also done key roles in movies like Tanu Weds Manu and Zilla Ghaziabad. All in all, he is a big name in the industry and also has Salman Khan’s support owing to the fact that he actually started his career as a background dancer for the actor.

But that’s not it, his brooding, lone wolf vibe makes him an interesting character to watch out for in the Bigg Boss house. His persona also makes us believe that he is currently weighing the situation, sizing up everyone, and would surely unleash his full power mode in the coming weeks, a journey that we look forward to. Also, his chemistry with Nikki Tamboli and the entire dynamic which already appears pretty complicated is an interesting watch. 

Nikki Tamboli


Pretty high chances that Nikki Tamboli is going to be one of those Bigg Boss contestants who generate a lot of buzz and grab a lot of limelight. We do have our apprehensions about the entire Shehnaaz Gill vibes going on with her personality though. Sort of tough to say if she is feigning it right now. That said, she has already started putting her foot down, has had not one but two fights in the past two days, and is certainly going to come out as a strong contestant, if not the best one. Again, both Nikki and Eijaz have the potential of rising as the next big Bigg Boss pack by kindling a friendship (or more). 

Rubina Dilaik


Given Rubina’s illustrious career graph as a celebrated TV bahu, we’d be surprised if Rubina does not make it to the show’s finale. Be it her role in Chotti Bahu or Shakti — Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki, the actress has left a lasting impression on everyone that too while doing a socially significant role in the latter. Plus, she has a very strong screen presence, is ready to lock horns when meddled with, is totally okay with a little discomfort, and has her husband, Abhinav Shukla in the house as an added support system. 

Jasmin Bhasin


With an incredible run on Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi and Naagin: Bhagya Ka Zehreela Khel, Jasmine Bhasin is a very popular name in the Indian TV industry. Given her Fear Factor stint, we all know that she’ll give a tough fight to a lot of contestants in the tasks. To add to it, she has already shown that she is not one to back down easily and would fight for what she deems right. Plus, we have already seen the Bigg Boss journey of two of her co-actors, Siddharth Shukla and Rashami Desai from Dil Se Dil Tak. Easily putting big money on her here!

Pavitra Punia


We are putting huge bets on Pavitra’s BB journey here, bigger than we originally intended to. So, here’s a Splitsvilla alumnus, with a troubled past with Bigg Boss 13 finalist Paras Chhabra, and a really, really strong personality. In fact, it was quite a surprise when she was asked to decode all her fellow contestants in the premiere episode and she ended up doing an accurate job. She is good at reading people, unafraid to speak her mind, and is already generating quite some buzz given her troubled history with Paras

So fam, which Bigg Boss 14 contestant are you putting your best bets on? 

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05 Oct 2020

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