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Bigg Boss Tells Women Contestants ‘Aapko Siddharth Ko Rijhana Hai’ & It’s Sexist AF

Bigg Boss Tells Women Contestants ‘Aapko Siddharth Ko Rijhana Hai’ & It’s Sexist AF

To prove that Bigg Boss is a highly problematic and sexist show we don’t have to go too much into the history and remind you about all that has transpired to date. The recently concluded season 13 would alone suffice where the #MeToo movement was casually belittled, women judged and slut-shamed for being “too friendly,” and constantly looked down upon as the weaker sex.  

Of this all, Sidharth Shukla alone took care of the last part for the most part of the show while constantly saying that he doesn’t differentiate between men and women and yet proving otherwise with his actions. Well, we have a brand new season of Bigg Boss currently airing on Colors TV with the same old misogyny. Oh btw, Sidharth Shukla is back to the house and so is his sexist attitude! Just one week into the show, and we are already done with the blatant sexism being practiced in the house. Here’s what’s irking us the most:

‘Ladki Se Aese Kese Baat Ki?’


In last night’s episode, Sid was seen picking up a fight with Shehzad Deol. The reason? Apparently, he had problems with Shehzad fighting with Nikki, “a girl” and ruining her task. Interestingly, all this while Nikki has been the one to instigate all the fights and also ended up abusing Shehzad in yesterday’s episode. And while one would expect the so-called “senior” Sid to use reason and call out the girl for using abusive language, he decided to unleash his fury on Shehzad instead.  

Someone please tell Sidharth Shukla that equality also means that if men can’t treat women like shit, the vice versa also applies. We are really done with his ‘Ladki see aese baat ki,’ ‘wo ladki hai isliye,’ ‘aisi ladki, waisi ladki.’ Also, brave of Sidharth to talk about the right way to talk to women! I mean those who saw his wildly inappropriate shout matches with women and intimidating body language from season 13 will know what I am talking about here.

Immunity Tasks That Took Objectification To Next Level


But then again, Sidharth alone can’t be held responsible for all the sexism in Bigg Boss when the makers keep coming up with tasks to objectify women! The latest immunity task is proof enough. In the task, all the women contestants in the house were asked to entice and seduce Sid (‘Aapko Siddharth ko rijhana hai’ being the task prompt). Bigg Boss makers clearly got nothing on subtlety. But wait, there’s more. 

In the first part of the task, the contestants were asked to visit Sidharth’s tattoo parlour and get a tattoo done by him. For this part, Hina was seen training Nikki on how to seduce him and show off her body. Punjabi singer Sara Gurpal clearly looked uncomfortable with the task and was thus eliminated from round 1 for not performing at par with the other contestants.

In the second part, the contestants were supposed to clean his bike (ATV) while trying to entice Sid yet again. The task involved the use of soap and water clearly hinting that the participants were expected to get wet and then dance with Sidharth. In this round, Rubina was eliminated by Sidharth who felt that she concentrated way more on the bike then she did on him. 


Now coming to the major reason for contention here: why on Earth are Bigg Boss makers coming up with ludicrous tasks that shamelessly objectify women? Here’s a task that asks five women to entice a man and compete for his attention while they are at it. Do the makers realise the kind of message they are sending to the highly impressionable Indian audience? 

As the country fights for its women’s safety right now, the last thing we want is a prime time show that objectifies women and normalises the idea of women seducing a man to further their claims in the game. Enough with it, already!

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09 Oct 2020

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