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From Eijaz Khan’s Exit To Devoleena Bhattacharjee’s Entry, Here What’s Cooking In BB 14

From Eijaz Khan’s Exit To Devoleena Bhattacharjee’s Entry, Here What’s Cooking In BB 14

Hey fam, managing to keep up with the rickety roller coaster ride that Bigg Boss 14 is slowly turning into? It isn’t exactly easy, we know. The reason is simple: this season the house has seen more entries than exits which is quite weird because this is a show about who survives till the end. It is indeed a little anxiety-provoking given that the total number of contestants have mostly remained 10 or above in Bigg Boss 14 for almost three months now. This is barring the fake finale week back in December and the current week where the number is finally down to nine. Well, in case you are with us on this we have some news that might not sit too well with you. 

Tonight’s going to be a major night in the BB 14 house. A lot is going to happen. To begin with, all the ration and food items have been taken away from the contestants as a punishment and they need to earn back all of it now. However, our major concern happens to be the fact that no one has left the house this weekend. And while we will see a shocking eviction tonight, don’t get too excited because there would also be two entries in lieu of that eviction. Too much? Yup! Here’s everything that you need to know about these entries (re-entries) and exists:

Eijaz Khan’s Shocking Eviction 


It was last month that we told you about the possibility of a season extension and well, it’s happening. And while most of the housemates might have found their way around the new development, Eijaz Khan can not make it work owing to his prior commitments. As per the reports, Eijaz had signed a film before entering the house, the shooting for which would commence this month. And while rumours about him returning to the house after the shoot are also floating around, it seems highly unlikely since in today’s promo Bigg Boss can be seen giving him a proper farewell. Well, it’s sad given that Eijaz could have easily made it to the finale and had some solid claim over this season’s trophy.

Devoleena Bhattacharjee’s Entry


Devoleena Bhattacharjee would be entering the Bigg Boss 14 house tonight. Reports suggest that she is entering the house as Eijaz’s “proxy.” However, given that Eijaz has been given a farewell, chances are that she is entering as yet another challenger now. Well, whatever her role is, the thing is we don’t remember being particularly excited about seeing her in the previous season, so we’d just call it a weird flex on Bigg Boss’s part. Let’s see how they plan on playing this one.  

Vikas Gupta’s Re-Re-Re-Re-Entry


Honestly, at this point, we have lost track of how many times Vikas Gupta has entered the Bigg Boss house and we aren’t even kidding. In season 14 alone, this is the third time that he’d be entering the house after leaving twice. That said, we look forward to his entry and kinda dig all the mind games that he plays in the house. Well, he better comes and finishes the actual game this season that he started with the camera task. 

Dear Bigg Boss makers, isn’t it high time that you start evicting people from the show instead of cooping more of them in the house? Just saying! 

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18 Jan 2021

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