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Bigg Boss 13: Real Gharwalas Change The Game, Reveal Shocking Truths To Contestants

Bigg Boss 13: Real Gharwalas Change The Game, Reveal Shocking Truths To Contestants

As ironical as it may sound, all the contestants on Bigg Boss, the mega reality show, do need a reality check (every season) while they are inside the house. And, thanks to the multiple fights, assault, love stories, rivalries, and what not brewing this season–the housemates have created a bubble for themselves. POP! Here, comes their family members to reveal some realities that the housemates must face to improve their game.

In the latest promos, we see contestants’ loved ones entering the house during the classic ‘freeze and release’ task. While the BB housemates seem elated, some interesting, shocking and also rather unexpected things are being said by the real gharwalas of the contestants- adding more drama to the already complicated equations in the house. Those who have made an appearance in the house so far are Arti’s brother Krushna, Mahira Sharma’s mother, Shefali Jariwala’s husband Parag Tyagi, Siddharth Shukla’s mother Rita, and Shehnaz Gill’s father. Another one who is expected to follow is sanskari playboy Paras Chhabra’s girlfriend, Akanksha Puri, who, I’m sure would have many things to say, owing to her boyfriend’s love story with Mahira. Well, the coming episodes promise a lot more entertainment. SO, let’s dig into the drama, shall we?


Shehnaaz Gill’s Father Issues Stern Warning

Shehnaaz would be extremely happy to see her father at a time when she is relatively low and seemingly lost after the Weekend Ka Vaar scolding by Salman Khan. Her father, who was clearly upset with #Sidnaaz, asks her to swear on him and promise that she would not take her relationship forward with Siddharth outside of the house. He further warns her to beware of Paras who he labels as her ‘enemy inside the house’.

Let us wait and watch to see how she reacts to this and if she would be able to follow her father’s advice, who wants her to win the trophy. 

Mahira’s Mom Lends Valuable Advice

Mahira’s mom also had some important advice to give to her daughter who seems to have forgotten to play solo. Her ammi hugs everyone as she enters the house, including Mahira’s brother on the show, Asim and kisses both Rashami Desai and Shehnaaz. Mahira’s mother then goes to Paras Chhabra and sarcastically asks him if she should hit him. She further reminds him of his girlfriend outside the house, Akanksha Puri and asks him to not kiss Mahira on her cheeks because she doesn’t like it.

Arti’s Brother Boosts Confidence

Arti’s brother Krushna entered the house yesterday. Arti, who is fighting ‘independently’ cried her heart out as she saw her brother. Krushna left no stone unturned to cheer her up and boosted her confidence. He said that she is being loved by everyone outside the house.

Siddharth’s Mom Wants Him To Change Himself

Siddharth Shukla gets teary-eyed as he hugs his mother, Rita. In the video, we see Siddharth sharing a warm hug with his mother. Advising him on his game, his mother tells him that when Siddharth is happy, the entire house remains happy. She also tells him, “If you cannot change anybody, you should change yourself.”

Well, this is some interesting piece of advice and it will be great to see if Siddharth put on an entertaining instead of aggressive act on the show.

Shefali Jariwala’s Husband Threatens Asim

Parag Tyagi, Shefali Jariwala’s husband who the latter terribly misses, would also enter the house. In a video doing the rounds on the internet, Parag can be seen lifting and embracing Shefali in his arms. He is also seen walking up to Asim and threatening him. He says, “You knew Himanshi for two weeks and still you could not stand if anybody shouted at her. I love Shefali for 10 years now, and I will not spare anyone who speaks rudely with her.”


It will be interesting to see how the dynamics inside the BB house would change after these interesting one on one conversations. Stay tuned!

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16 Jan 2020

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