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Asim Riaz Gets Another Show, Here’s Why We Think He May Be The Next Big Reality TV Star

Ekta AlrejaEkta Alreja  |  Jan 3, 2020
Asim Riaz Gets Another Show, Here’s Why We Think He May Be The Next Big Reality TV Star


How do newbies get their big break in the telly land or even Bollywood without a godfather? Well, you might have guessed the answer. Many actors and television personalities (some really successful ones) started their careers through this medium. And you’re absolutely right if you’re thinking about reality TV shows. And you are also right if you’ve guessed what’s coming up next? Whether you love it or hate it, you can’t ignore Bigg Boss. Well, season 13 has had way too many controversies to become the talk of the town.

All the housemates on this season are doing their best to grab some ‘footage’. But, the heroes or shall we say, villains of Bigg Boss, who are grabbing all the limelight with their names trending on top on Twitter every morning, are Siddharth Shukla and Asim Riaz. And reportedly, the later has already been approached to feature another popular reality TV show. Any guesses?


If media reports are to be believed, Asim Riaz may be seen in Khatron Ke Khiladi season 11. The reports suggest that Asim Riaz’s brother was approached by Colors TV to talk about Asim’s participation in KKK 11. And if this true, we certainly believe that this model-turned-actor from Jammu and Kashmir might become the next big reality TV star. Why, you ask?


Here Are A Few Reasons That’ll Convince You

Asim may have started Bigg Boss as Siddharth Shukla’s chela, but he has now emerged as a strong player. And we are now witnessing the end of Sid-Asim friendship (nope, we aren’t complaining). Given Siddharth’s overly aggressive and borderline narcissistic behaviour, this was bound to happen.

Asim Knows How To Give It Back


Remember the first time Asim gave it back to Siddharth. This was during the Bigg Boss Transport Services task when Asim told Siddharth, “Ek baat bolun, tameez bilkul nahi hai tere ko.” That, probably, was the end of their being friends-strategy. Thereafter, we saw a different side of Asim because till now he had taken Siddharth’s mood swings with a pinch of salt.

Asim Also Knows How & When To Add Fuel To The Fire

We have seen Asim provoking Siddharth to raise his hand during the fights. On one of the recent episodes, the two had an argument over house duties. While Sidharth told Asim to have a normal conversation with him, Asim provoked him by asking what if he doesn’t agree with what he’s saying. Asim also asked Sidharth if he would hit him, punch him while the latter tells him that if he doesn’t stop then the repercussions of it would be bad.

Asim-Himanshi Won The Internet With Their Cute Chemistry

While she was in the house, Asim tried his best to woo Himanshi with cute birthday surprises and supporting her throughout her captaincy. He also didn’t shy away from confessing his love for her. However, Himanshi always maintained that she was engaged to someone (we still don’t who is this mystery man). Now that Himashi is out of the house, she is leaving no stones unturned to support Asim. A few days ago, she tweeted that she had sent messages for him via two celebrities and was hoping that those messages were delivered to him. She didn’t disclose the celebrities though.

He Is Probably The Only Gharwala Using The Treadmill in The House

We see many gharwalas sitting in the garden area and gossiping about others, Asim isn’t a part of these conversations (well, mostly). We see him in the background, walking on the treadmill or lifting weights. Recently, during a weekend ka vaar episode, Arti also told the host Salman Khan that Asim did a two-and-a-half-hour workout but refused to perform his house duty. 

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